How to Make Your Own Advent Calendar for Kids

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make your own advent calendar for kids

How to Make Your Own Advent Calendar

For Kids

Quick and easy

rainbow paper pocket bunting.

Fill it with treasure notes!

Project 24 of 30 Days of Christmas Crafting.

Would you like to know how to make your own advent calendar for kids, that you can do in just a couple of hours? Yes, you have time. You can get this done this week, ready for December 1st.


All you have to do is cut out 24 rectangles, cut out a bunch of numbers (or just draw them on with your favourite marker or gel pens), add a paper fastener to each one, and a little ribbon clasp, and clip them to a long piece of string with tiny pegs. Probably the most time you’ll spend is driving to the craft or variety shop to grab a bag of wee pegs if you don’t have them handy.


You can do this.
You can.


Skip the chocolate this year and do something different with your family.

Now, about these treasure notes… you can fill your Advent Calendar with just about anything you like. Here’s a few ideas:

    • List 24 names of your favourite Christmas books and read a new one a night. (Quick, put them on hold at your local library so you have them at your fingertips.)
    • Ask questions. Come up with some cute conversation starters for around the dinner table, and see what wisdom and grace your children have in store for you at Christmas time.
    • List 24 Christmas songs, movies, cartoons, or animated features from your childhood and past, and share these with your kids, one per day
    • List 24 amazing Christmas-inspired You-tube video links that you can share with your children for a little bit of festive cheer.
    • Write a Christmas joke a day. Here’s three to get you started…


Question: What do snowmen eat for breakfast?
Answer: Snowflakes.

What’s red & white and red & white and red & white?
Santa rolling down a hill!

What goes oh, oh, oh?
Santa Claus walking backwards!


  • But you might like to do what we’re doing this year.  We’re sharing fun family Advent Experiences. As I say, an experience a day, keeps the grumbles at bay!  For our Advent days leading up to Christmas Day, we’re doing a ‘thing’.  Might be ‘watching a Christmas movie’ or ‘saying hello to everyone we meet’, or possibly ‘donating a bunch of our pre-loved toys to goodwill op shops’.  And there’s plenty of eating too. I can’t wait to get up to this fun.
  • We’re also having a little visitor….Gnome in the Home. Read all about it here, or follow along on Instagram!

Here is how to make your own advent calendar for kids using cardboard

Photos left to right, top to bottom

how to make your own advent calendar for kids 1

1. You will need to cut 24 rectangles of cardboard, measuring 4.5 cm by 10 cm.  If you are making a rainbow one, you’ll need three of each of these colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, dark pink, and light pink.

2. For each rectangle, do this.  Fold down 2.5 cm. Fold up 4 cm. Tuck the bottom piece under the top piece.

3. Use a needle to pre-pierce the holes for the brad (paper fastener) and string. Put it in the middle.

4. Push a brad through the bottom hole and pin back legs to hold it in place.

how to make your own advent calendar for kids 2

5. Thread a length of baker’s twine in a matching colour onto your needle, tie a knot in the end of the thread, and then take it through the cardboard from behind. Place a piece of cellotape to hold the end of the string in place. Cut the string to about 4-5 cm long.

6. To close the bunting, fold down the lid, and wrap the string around the brad to fasten it. Cut numbers for each of the 1 to 24 days out of cardboard in a contrasting colour. I did mine in rainbow order like this:  red card, orange numbering… orange card, yellow numbering…  yellow card, green numbering….

7. Of course, you’ll need to fill your Advent bunting. Write your Advent Experiences on a piece of cardboard and pop one inside each envelope.

8. Close them up for real, then add a mini peg to the top.

how to make your own advent calendar for kids 3

 9. Of course, you might also like to save time and use the Advent Experiences from the printable that is in my Advent Tree ebook… see below for details.

10. Complete all the bunting envelopes ready to fill.

11. When they are done, grab your mini pegs.

advent bunting

12. Run a length of string across a wall or window, and peg on each envelope card in order, 1 to 24.  From Sunday December 1st, invite your children to open one envelope per day. As a family, have a bit of Advent fun! I’d love to hear about it. :)

PS: I think this is so pretty, I want to leave it there all year!

how to make an Advent Calendar for kids

In other Advent news…

I made another Advent Calendar for Ned this year. A sewn felt tree. He is calling it his ‘Surprise Tree’ and it really IS full of surprises. It is so so so sweet. Each little leaf pocket has a tiny scroll ‘firework’ that pokes out and children work their way around the tree following the rainbow trail to make their way up the tree until they reach the star at the top of the tree, and Christmas Eve. Each scroll is filled with a Christmas ‘experience’- something to do, or say, or make. There’s a bit of social consciousness in there too. I had a page of these suggested Advent Experience ideas made into a super cute printable by my lovely graphic designer Viviane. Each of the 24 notes on the page features one idea with a gorgeous illustration. These can be cut out and rolled up, or folded to fit inside an paper envelope such as the ones in this tutorial.


I made this Advent Tree Calendar idea into a PDF ebook so you can make one too, but with all the busy crafting I’ve been doing, along with a very exciting side project that I’ve been working on, I only just finished putting it together. Sadly, it doesn’t leave you long to make- a week or so, but keen crafters will get it done. (I’d planned to have it ready by November 1st…. best laid plans sometimes go astray!)


But even if you don’t want to make this tree, the printable notes page included in this PDF tutorial can be snaffled and folded neatly to slip inside this paper card Advent bunting.


I’m offering this PDF book to all subscribers for just $3.50!  That’s half price. I think it is well worth it for the printable alone. It’s so darn cute!  So I’m happy to extend this offer to YOU too, until November 30th.  Won’t all our little ones love this year’s lead up to the big day?  Experiences over chocolate. I like it. I hope you do too.




Don’t forget… get a hold of the Advent Experiences printable inside this ebook today.


Click here to buy the Advent Tree PDF ebook for $3.50 today.

Includes one page lovely printable of Advent Experiences. Downloads instantly to your computer.

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