Make Simple Christmas Tree Decorations with icy pole sticks

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Make simple Christmas Tree ornaments using icy pole sticks!

Make Simple Christmas Tree Decorations with Icy Pole Sticks

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Last week, I visited one of our educators who was making simple Christmas Tree decorations with miniature icy pole sticks (popsicle sticks).  They were so cute, and something the children could easily do. Our educator had seen this craft in her daughter’s preschool room and had asked to borrow it. And now I’ve asked to borrow it to share with you here too!  Love a bit of crafty sharing. These simple Christmas Tree decorations can be made in about 20 minutes, so if you are looking for something short and sweet to do with your children once the holidays begin, this could be it!

Make Simple Christmas Tree Decorations

(Pictures go left to right, top row then bottom row.)

make simple christmas tree decorations collage11. & 2. Use your primary colours to mix up a green paint.

3.  To make one simple christmas tree decoration, you’ll need 3 mini (half size) icy pole sticks.  (Regular size ones will work too.) Paint these green on both side.

4.  Gather your sequin and star stash and keep them close by, ready for action.

make simple christmas tree decorations collage1

5. Put a dob of quick-dry glue on the three tips of the icy pole sticks. Position them so that the end of one stick sits on top of the other, and the other end of the stick sits under the third one. Complete the triangle in this manner- one point on top, one under.

6. When this is set, paint the whole thing with glue. (Children can do this bit.)

7.  Invite them to add bling and shiny things.

8. While this is drying, make the tree base. Cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of a bucket and add a strip of patterned card as a ribbon.

make simple christmas tree decorations collage3

9.  Put glue on the top end and fix it behind the bottom icy pole stick.

10. The finished tree will look like this!  See- simple but cute!

11.  The children might also like to make glitter versions…. or anything you can come up with.

12. Add paint dots or other embellishments to the tree bases too.

make simple christmas tree decorations collage1

13.  When all is dry, add a golden string or ribbon to the top.


Your simple christmas tree decorations are ready to find a cosy spot on the tree!

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