Pom Pom Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make.

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Pom Pom Christmas Crafts for Kids

How to make a Pom Pom Christmas Tree Decoration

I like pom-poms, and I like Christmas. Put the two together and this is like a dream crafty activity for me!

So I was plenty pleased to see this lovely crafty bit of creative fun on my Instagram feed by my friend (we share good stuff on Instagram) Philippa. Of course, I just had to ask her if she would be happy for me to share her idea here and she was chuffed. So was I!

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How to make a Pom Pom Christmas Tree Decoration

There were two parts to this activity, which is suitable for children from about 18 months old (with supervision to prevent them eating the yummy-looking felt balls of course!)  Fun for all the kids in your family!

pom pom christmas crafts for kids to make original2

Part one: Pre-planning and set up.

During the pre-planning, Phillipa filled a couple of plastic bowls with little rainbow coloured pom poms and buttons. In the picture, there is also some bowls filled with small pieces of tissue paper, tinsel and lengths of wool. These were for a second activity (see below) for Philippa’s younger daughter, but these things could easily be used on the trees too.

Philippa then had to prepare the trees. She was lucky enough to have bought a supply of pre-painted popsicle sticks from her local variety store the day before. But if you had plain ones, you could easily get the kids to coat them in paint a bit earlier in the day, or the day before.

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When assembling the trees with four popsicle sticks, Philippa used Helmar quick dry glue as this was a very impromptu crafting activity. As Philippa says, ‘I decided to make the craft one minute and L wanted to start sticking the next (hence why she is still in her pjs!)!’

Talk about ingenuity. Mama bears are so adaptable and there’s no doubting that when you have little children, you have to live in the ‘now’.  Crafting opportunities like this are proof of this! I love it.

Part two: Decorating the trees

Philippa and her children used Crayola craft glue for the decorating.  4-and-a-half year old L wanted her mama to put the dots of glue on her trees but Philippa was willing ;) to let her put the glue on herself!  L then stuck an assortment of the pom poms and buttons on, depending on who she thought she was going to give the trees too. L loved the concept of choosing different decorations depending on who she was making each tree for and explaining to me who each was for and why (for example, her cousin would like the aqua and pink pom poms she put on the purple tree).

Philippa had to be a little more hands-on with her younger cherub, T.  She put the dots of glue on the trees for her, then T chose and stuck the decorations on, but she needed a little more help getting them to stay in place. Funnily enough,18-month-old T was super excited (Philippa thinks she will be her main crafty girl) and wanted to carry it around all day and make more.

Philippa is planning to use the Helmar glue to put a string loop at the top so they can be hung from the tree, and will put their names and the year on the back too so she can remember when they were made.

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Make your own colourful placemat.

Philippa actually did two activities on that crafty day. The other one was aimed more for her younger daughter and it was a winner too. This craft involved T putting bits and pieces from the crafty bits bowls onto a sheet of adhesive plastic “contact” which was taped to the table. Once T had finished with her collage, mama then added a second sheet of contact adhesive over the top to make a small place mat.

This could be ‘Christmas-ified’ too by offering red and green glitter, and tiny Christmas sequins in reindeer motifs, red, green and silver stars, and angels. You could also provide lengths of wool in Christmassy colours too.  Perhaps the children could make one of these on Christmas eve, ready for Christmas Day lunch. It could also be used as an activity while lunch is being prepared to keep little hands busy.

Mama tells….

All in all, both of these crafts were well received by both mama and children. Philippa says she often drags her feet when it comes to doing craft with the girls as it often takes longer to prepare and set up than it does to make it (particularly with L’s short attention span for craft) but this didn’t take very long at all to set up and L was happy to keep decorating until all the trees were finished – nearly a first for her!

Sounds like this is one to pop up your sleeve!

Thank you, Philippa and your lovely girls for sharing your crafty Christmas fun with us here.

Hope you all have a happy Christmas!

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