Week Four of Advent- The Human Kingdom

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And now we celebrate!

This final week celebrates the human being, which is made up of elements of all the three other kingdoms and uses the gifts of 1. the foundation structure, 2. the nourishment of living forces and 3. capacity for relationships and movement to help us humans in our quest for creative growth.

As humans though, we have one special quality that differentiates us from the other animals and this is our ability to create independently. We are CALLED to use this gift!!

This week we also recognise the Fire Element. Fire is the biggest force on earth and when we ‘go through the fire’, we are rendered anew. Every creative action we take is to render something new as a gift to the world. It is our ‘fire inside’ which goads us into action! Whether it be a craft, or a song, or a meal, or a poem, or a painting, or sorting out your home office, or digging a new garden is irrelevant. The CREATIVE ACTION is what is important. This is our spirit working upon the world.

Our Nature table can now have the human figures of a man and woman (Mary and Joseph), although the shepherds, kings and of course the royal baby all come later still.

We now light the four candles on our wreath.

Here are some interesting ideas to ponder…. These are from the book, ‘Festivals with Children’.

• “Mary” is the archetype of the human soul’s willingness to ‘become’; to grow and prepare for the birth of that which wants to come. This is visible even in the clothing she wears- the cloak of blue which surrounds and protects, and in the warmth of the red shining forth from within”

• “Joseph” is the protecting ‘foster father’, who represents the bolidy nature of man, that is, the earthly physical foundation for existence on the earth

• “Shepherds” watch over those creatures needing protection which have been entrusted to them. They are open to the words of the angel, representatives of inner wakefulness, of openness for the divine, of the hearts powers of devotion and reverence

The blue cloak of Mary might also a depiction of her willingness to be a channel between “heaven” and earth, and her red dress a symbol of her ‘human-ness’- that is, full of the life giving blood fuel.

It is interesting that in the human body, the heart is the organ that does circulate what we commonly know as red (oxygen full) and blue (oxygen depleted) blood. The heart is truly the organ we need to cherish and utilise at this time of year- loving, giving and receiving in the spirit of Christmas.

Happy 4th Advent!! I wish you happy times with your loved ones and community!

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