Week Three of Advent- The Animal Kingdom

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The Third week of Advent recognises the Animal Kingdom.  The animals represent that part of us that is involved in relationship with others, but also our ability to move and grow.  I would think that it could also represent that part of us that is ‘unconscious’, our primitive nature.  This is part of our make up, but we usually work very hard to keep it under guard.

(Christmas work parties are notorious for us letting our hair down and allowing the ‘primitive nature’ to take over!!  I’m sure many of us, or our close friends, have an episode or story which we’d all rather forget!!)

This week, the animals come to join our nature table.  These wooden figures were made by my friend, Robi, many years ago and are some of the toys for Moondew.

The third candle on the wreath represents ‘lasting joy’.  The fasting and anticipation period is almost over, and the celebrations can begin.  (I’ve begun!!  Chocolate heaven!  But today I tried on bikinis- not good)

This week also represents the element of air.  If we think about this on a very basic level, it is air (or oxygen and carbon) that links us all together.

I breathe oxygen/air in, it goes into my lungs and throughout my system in the blood, is revitalised through the heart, then I breathe it out into the atmosphere.  Then, you breathe in and take some of the atoms of ‘me’ in wth the oxygen into you and your system circulates it around before breathing some of ‘you’ out for the next person to ingest.   It is in the spaces inside us all that there is opportunity for this process to occur.

If only we could see this process in action, we would realise that we are all actually connected than we realise.  (This recognition is what people strive for in meditation too).

This week, take time to notice the animals around you.  Ned and I rescued a waterlogged Kookaburra who had somehow got under the pool net yesterday.  He was one happy chap when he got out!

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