10 Simple But Unusual Ideas to Celebrate Easter with Children

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Ideas to Celebrate Easter with Children

(An oldie but a goodie)

With Easter fast approaching, (again!) here are 10 simple but unusual ideas to celebrate Easter with children. I think your little ones will love it.

easter table 2013

Easter Shelf

1.  Clear the top of a desk, a sideboard, or shelf and create an Easter scene to invite the Easter bunny/bilby into your lovely home.  Ned and I set about doing this today. We placed wool fleece bunnies and cosy chickens in amongst timber offcuts and driftwood pieces on a green ‘grass’ cloth and made an Easter-inspired farm yard scene.  Of course, to this, Ned then added his hand-woven basket to collect the eggs AND a car and three plastic dinosaurs. Who am I to argue?  I’m sure the Easter bunny will love it!


easter egg nails

Easter Nail Art

2.  Paint your nails like Easter eggs.  Start with your favourite pastel colours and alternate colours on every second nail.  Use a cotton bud to paint tiny dots in contrasting colours. I bet you, and your little girls, will love this!  The nails in this photo were created by Lindsay but simply type in Easter Egg Nail polish into Google images to find plenty of inspiration!

rainbow jelly eggs

Easter Rainbow Jelly Eggs

3.  Jelly eggs!  I LOVE jelly, and I’m a big fan of rainbows too.  So these jelly eggs are just the perfect, left-of-centre thing for me to make for Easter. You can find the tutorial on how to make these delightful things at Choose To Thrive – a blog I love for her mindset that creativity shouldn’t be limited by a lack of cash, as much as her creativity!

Easter songs

4. Make up an Easter song to the tune of one of your favourite nursery rhymes or traditional songs.  You might try one to ‘Humpty Dumpty’ like this, to sing when your children are having a little trouble finding their Easter treasure:

Easter bunny, where are you?

I’m looking for my Easter eggs too.

I’ve looked all over, and I can’t find them

I need a clue from you, little friend.


Easter Egg Cake Pops

5.  Make some Easter egg cake pops. Bake your favourite butter cake recipe.  When your cake is cooled, use your hands to break up the cake into crumbs. The next step is to add vanilla cream cheese frosting.  (Cream 80gram softened butter with 60 gram cream cheese.  Gradually add 200 gram icing sugar and one teaspoon vanilla extract.  Process until smooth, then add to the crumb mixture.)  Scoop the mixture onto a length of cling wrap, wrap it up well and put in the fridge for about 30 minutes to chill. In the meantime, melt some white chocolate.  When ready, scoop out a small handful of mixture and shape it into an easter egg oval.  Dip a cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and then poke the stick into the underside of the egg and leave to set for 10 seconds.  Roll the cake egg in the melted chocolate mixture and place in a stand to harden. Continue with rest of cake mixture. When your cake egg pops are all done, it is time to decorate.  Use writing icing in tubes to add swirls, lines, patterns, hearts, stars, and waves to the outside as well as to attach silver cachous balls and pre-made icing sugar decorations.  To display, poke the cake pop sticks into one of those green foam blocks that florists use to position their bouquets.


Bunny Loaf

6.  Make a bunny shaped loaf of fresh bread.  To make perfect dough every time, mix 500 grams of your favourite flour with 10 grams of dried yeast, 20 mls of olive oil, and 300 mls of warm water.  Knead until you have a soft dough.  Set aside in a mixing bowl and allow to rise for 30 minutes, then knead once more.  Roll your dough out into an oval shape and set it on a baking tray.  Use a sharp pair of kitchen scissors to make two deep incisions about 1/3 of the way along to make the ‘ears’.  Push the ear dough forward.  Make two nips near the base at the back, and again near the front, to create ‘bunny feet’, and pull out a small knob of dough at the back to create his bunny ball tail.  If you like, you can add olives for his eyes and nose.  Make three small cuts into the dough in the right spot and push the olives in place.  You can also glaze your bread with a milk or egg wash using a pastry brush.  Bake in the oven for 40 minutes and eat warm!


‘The Easter Bunny has been’ display

6. Thinking about how to display your Easter eggs (whether homemade or shop-bought) or creating a ‘basket’ or holder where the Easter bunny might place the surprises overnight can be a challenge so why not think outside the box?  Anything and everything can be used in the decoration.  Take a large white platter or tray with a slightly turned up edge or lip (so your decorative elements don’t fall off), and fill the outside of the tray with your choice of elements, leaving a space in the middle (maybe held with a plain white china bowl if you need) to hold the eggs.  For example, you might scatter flower petals, or tiny twigs.  You might lay out a pattern of cinnamon sticks in a ring, or paint the tray with a fine coating of edible glue mixture (icing sugar and water) and make artistic patterns with cake sugar or sprinkles.  Place this receiving tray in a prominent spot such as in the middle of the dining table and wait to see what the bunny brings!


Easter Nests

7.  Make a batch of sweet cookie dough and roll out some thick 2 cm rounds.  Use the back of a spoon to make an indent into the centre of the cookie dough to make a ‘nest’ shape.  Bake the cookies in the oven.  When cooled, fill these with a little turkish fairy floss (pashmak- available from many delicatessens) and some yoghurt-covered sultanas as ‘eggs’.  A yummy after-dinner treat.


Dye eggs with Rubber Bands

8.  Easter egg dyeing tricks of the trade.  One newish idea to try is to wrap your boiled eggs with a whole bundle of rubber bands and dip dyeing the eggs a layer at a time, removing a few rubber bands each time you dip.  Or, use a clear wax crayon to make patterns on your boiled eggs before dipping in colour.  If you scratch off some of this wax after each dip, your patterns will become multicoloured too.  Or place a bunch of shaped seasonal stickers over your eggs (from scrapbooking or variety stores) and dip dye, removing the stickers when the egg is dry, leaving the pattern visible.   Be sure to use stickers with a strong outline for this to work best, such as leaf shapes, silhouettes of animals or vehicles, or shapes such as hearts and stars.


Surprise Easter Waffle Cone Treats

9.  Fill waffle cones with easter treats (not necessarily chocolate eggs… what about yoghurt-covered almonds or nuts, or fairy floss, or pretzels)  and wrap them up in cellophane.  Tie off the top with a piece of hand-dyed wool.  A sweet and easy-to-carry gift.  If you prefer to gift something other than food, simply make or purchase a cardboard cone, decorate it in Easter style, and fill it with felt balls or coloured wooden beads and all the other necessary goodies (thread, needle, baby pair of sewing scissors)  so your friends can make their own Easter-inspired necklace!



The Martha Stewart Show

Crystal Eggs!

10.  And for something really snazzy, try this cool idea from Martha Stewart.  All children love a bit of shiny crystal and now you can make your own.

Crystal Egg Geodes

What is your favourite Easter crafty fun?

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