Easter Egg Trail with 10 clues by Mishy Dee Designs for sale on Etsy

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My friend and neighbour Michelle has been up to some creative tricks!  Inspired by her mother-in-law Wanda’s yearly adventures preparing a handmade Easter egg hunt for her children and grandchildren, and now living on the other side of the world, Michelle set out to recreate the traditional Easter Egg trail for her son in Australia. She has taken the idea to the next level by writing the instructions and illustrating it for a downloadable PDF file so now anyone and everyone can join in the fun too.

In Wanda’s house, her four sons and their children would follow the trail and always find a chocolate bunny prize when they reached the end. As the families tended to arrive at different times, it was an unwritten rule that when each family completed their fun, they put everything back for the next lot to arrive. Wanda had a big house so the indoor trail (perfect for all weather) took some time to complete. These days, she lives in an apartment so while the clue finding doesn’t take so long, it is just as much fun.  And there is always a chocolate reward at the end, inspiring children of all ages (including the inner child in all the adults!)


While Wanda wrote the clues on pieces of paper, Michelle has designed a set of reusable clues (laminate them for extra durability) with sweet rabbit designs. The set of 10 clues comes in various file sizes, (A4, A3, Letter, or Tabloid for friends in the USA) so customers can choose to print the Easter Egg trail on their home computer, or take it to be professionally printed.  (Customers make their choice before check out).  You just print as many copies as you need.


The clues are designed to be hidden in indoor places that are common to all (or most) homes- bath, washing machine, parent’s bed, television set, dining table, linen cupboard, under a chair… But if you happen to be missing anything, simply find your own alternative and make suggestions to the children instead.

The clues can be personalised by putting ribbons through a hole punched into each clue, placing the clues in hand-decorated envelopes (a bit of involvement in the preparation fun for the children), or placing tiny eggs with each clue. Just add your own touch to create a new family tradition!



If you like the sound of creating a new family tradition,

why not pop by Michelle’s Etsy Shop

to pick up a copy of her Easter Egg Trail Hunt.

Download it instantly for $8.90.

I think this sounds like a bit of inventive fun!

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