Easter Handmade Gift Bag/Card

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Wednesday Wonderfuls 
Easter is on its way.
Oh yay!
One of my favourite things ever is those little chocolate Easter eggs.
Don’t they just taste so good?
Here is a novel way to give a few as a gift, inside a handmade card.
Cut a piece of cardboard 30cm by 11cm.
This is large enough to hold a cellophane cookie bag, 9.5cm by 16cm.
 (The regular size, found in cake decorating shops and some craft stores including Spotlight)
Use a paper trimming machine to ‘score’ (a line which doesn’t cut through the paper but gives an indentation which supports precise folding) a line at the centre of the length. (15cm)
On the right side of this midline only, score more fold lines,
the first 1cm to the right of the midline, then at 2cm to the right of the midline.
It will look like this.
Fold your card like so.  First on the 15cm line of the cardboard fold, then the other two.
Bend the fold at 16cm inwards as above.  This creates a platform for the card to stand up.
The front of your card is now shorter than the back.
For the design, cut out a 5cm by 4.5cm square of pink card.  Top this with a slightly smaller rectangle in white. Cut out your ‘greeting’ letters from coloured card and glue them on.
Add your design onto the front of your card, being sure to leave at least 1.5cm from the top so you can fold over the card lid without losing the design.
When your design is finished, open up the card again.
Place your clear cookie bag so that the base of it sits in the groove of the first fold.  Dab a few dots of glue onto the cardboard to help hold the cellophane bag in place.
Fold over the top of the bag inside the card, then close the card completely.  The piece of cardboard on the back of the card that sits taller than the front can be folded over to make the lid.
When the card is all closed, use a hole punch and punch two holes along the top line, through all 3 pieces of card and the cellophane cookie bag.
Once the holes are punched, open up your card, add your message and fill your cookie bag with Easter treats such as baby choc Easter eggs or natural lollies as I have.
(My plan was to fill it with chocolate eggs for this photo but sadly, I ate them!
Lollies will just have to do)
Isn’t it cute?
I used a needle to embroider the mouth, add the button nose and also the rope for the sign.
I used coloured markers for the Easter Bunny’s eyes, and heart-shaped blushing cheeks.
 Thread a piece of wool or ribbon through the holes to seal the card and contents.
Tie a ribbon at the front and there you are.
One very cute way to share the Easter love.

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