Easter Rabbit Hair Clip for Girls

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Are you thinking about making something to go into your little girl’s Easter basket?
Why not make one of these- an Easter Rabbit inspired hair clip set.
You’ll need a hair clip like this, two pieces of felt cut in a rounded triangle shape slightly bigger than the hairclip, and pieces of felt cut in your design.
Firstly, use straight stitch to sew on a base of grass along one long side.
Then tack on the rabbit using tiny versions of straight stitch too. Place the ears on first, then the body circle. The face circle goes on last.
Add eyes, ears and whiskers.
And a toadstool by attaching a brown trunk and a red toadstool roof.
Embellish your design with green thread for grass.
Add white dots on the toadstool roof by making bullion knots using white thread.
To put it together, snip a small opening about 1cm from the top of the second piece of the felt on a horizontal line.
Open the clip and slip the opening arm through the slit..
Place your finished design on top of the hairclip.
Blanket stitch around the outside edge and your Easter hair clip is ready to go!
Make two for a matching pair.

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