Origami Easter Rabbits DIY

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With Easter rapidly approaching, we need simple crafts that can be done in a few minutes.
These origami easter rabbits are pretty cute and take only a smidgeon of time.
Take a piece of origami paper in your chosen colour.  Fold it in half so the colour is on the inside.
(For baby rabbits, cut a piece into four and use one of the mini pieces with these steps)
Fold the tip backwards so that the left side edge of the folding piece now lines up with the centre fold.
Turn the paper over and repeat on the other side.
Lay it out flat with coloured triangle facing upwards.
Fold the tip of the triangle down to meet the other folds.
Fold this tip backwards on itself like so, so that about 1cm of the tip sits beyond the pink.
From the sides, make a fold as so.
The tips of these new triangles should cross just beyond the diagonal line but not too far.
This is what it looks like when flipped over.
Fold the left triangle tip back towards the vertical fold on the other side.
Fold the paper in half again.
Swivel the paper 180 degrees so it looks like this. The tip on the left side is the nose.
Lift up the right hand side tip of paper about this much to make the ears.
Cut along the ear line to separate the ears into two.
Puff the ears out somewhat and also the body to help little rabbit stand up.
You might like to add faces and whiskers and thing too.
How cute would these look on a nature table or in a Easter card on Sunday morning?
What will you do to decorate for Easter? 

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