Parent Tip: A Christmas game for giving and receiving

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I love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the lights, the Christmas cheer and the Christmas spirit. I could watch my favourite film of all time, While you were sleeping, over and over and over again.  I love dressing up in red even more often than I already do. I love Christmas trees and pantomimes and parades. I love relaxed social gatherings and catching up with long lost friends.  I love baked dinners and pork crackling and stuffing and pavlova from the Cheesecake shop.

In fact, there is only one thing I don’t like about Christmas. It is when the children begin their chant.  ”I want…. I want…. I want…”

What happened to the spirit of giving?  I remember as a twelve year old spending the lead up to Christmas in the kitchen making handmade chocolates filled with peppermint and toffee and caramel and lovingly placing them into hand decorated boxes, one each for my family members.  I remember teaching myself to sew on the old singer sewing machine and running up some VERY basic mini stockings and filling them with candy canes for all the kids.  I didn’t have anyone to teach me. I just had a go. Imagine what our children might do if we actually showed them a few crafty tricks.

I’ve spent the last few weeks asking Ned, “and what shall we make for our family?”  It’s taken a bit of bolstering and cajoling but he’s finally excited and on board to help me make chocolate chip cookies later this week ready for our Christmas lunch.

All this wanting and not much giving prompted me to make up a little game.   Here it is.

Of course, you can play it with one child, or two, or with a group.

In this game, children receive AND give. (The treasure in my box was a chocolate golden coin but you might fill it with gemstones or shells or a little handmade goodness)

If nothing else, it gets them thinking…   It must be a pretty catchy tune as Ned has been singing it to himself all week. Perhaps the idea is sinking in?

Here are the words:

1 2 3 4, who is knocking at my door?
Is it Santa? Let me see.
Just what he has brought to me.

BUT Christmas is a time for sharing
Our hands and hearts can all be caring
We’ll bake things and we’ll make things too
What is the one thing you will do??  

What one thing will you and your children be doing for others this Christmas?? 

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