Springtime Flowers and Butterfly Game by Jana D’Arville and Kellie Dean

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We recently had a chance to make up our own game.


This one, by Jana and Kellie, was the favourite of the night.
You might like to use the tune to “In the Springtime Garden” from the Wynstone’s series as they did, or make up your own tune.


In the springtime garden
Where we sing and go
Butterflies are fluttering, fluttering
To the flowers they go.


In the picture above, is a piece of paper folded in half which opens out to make a simple butterfly shape.
You might like to cut out the template and invite your children to paint the paper if you have time, or cut the pattern out from a piece of patterned scrapbooking 12 by 12 paper. School aged children could cut the butterfly out for themselves. Notice the crease that separates the body from the wings?  When you open it up, this fold makes a hand hold for the child to grasp.


You also need flowers.  Fresh ones are lovely, or you might like to make one.


Here are the actions for you!


Everyone stands in a circle.
Each 2nd child in circle holds a flower.
Behind them stands a child holding a butterfly made from felt/paper/silk.
Begin by setting the scene for the children…in the garden there were flowers growing up so high …as you hand out the flowers.
And in the garden here and there what could be seen in the air…flutterby,butterfly,flutterby….as you hand out the butterflies
As the song begins the butterflies fly around the outside of the circle and end by going to the front of their partner.


  At this point, the teacher/mother says
the butterfly is a flying flower
and the children swap items/positions.
The song continues.


To end the game, and collect the props,  you might sing “…to their homes they go… “
It would be lovely to have a special basket lined with silk waiting for the butterflies to come home to.



Thank you, Jana and Kellie for sharing!

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