“The Winter Sun is shining” circle game for home, playgroup and kindergarten

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Sometimes, a game can be as simple as being given a choice to pick a movement or sound, such as in “Old Macdonald had a farm” (eg horse, cow, duck).
I like this one.
(I collected the words from somewhere??  and just added my own tune).
One child chooses a movement, and we all follow along.
Once a child has had their turn, they move on to the next thing,
(for example; to morning tea, or to outside play).
Happy dancing!
The Winter Sun is shining,
Shining down on me
But I am feeling cold,
How can this be?

So, I am going to ( side-step, twirl, skip, hop, bop, bounce…) 
to keep myself warm.
(Side step) (Side step) to keep myself warm. 

I’m working on having a whole heap of tunes up on my youtube channel in 2013.  Until then, why not make up your own?

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