“The Winter Whales” transition game for playgroup, home or kindergarten use

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I am a big believer in rhythm, as I know it works.  But sometimes, mama’s who lead the rhythms may get fed up with the routine of always having Monday as housework day, Tuesday as Playgroup day, Wednesday as cooking day and so on.

One way to break through these challenging thoughts (and parenting fills us with challenging thoughts) is to find a way to bring your creativity (yes, that ol’ chestnut!) into your daily rhythm in small doses.

There is no reason why the little transition games we do at a Waldorf-inspired playgroup could not be transformed for a mama in the home.

A little game provides:

  • an opportunity (or excuse!!) to SING
  • an opportunity to make something to go with the game
  • an opportunity to make something up eg a song, a movement, a verse
  • a way for the children to follow your directions without having to yell or coerce
  • a little bit of fun!

This game here came from the lovely teachers, Suzette and Katrina, that led me on my merry Waldorf way.

Humpback whales are a fairly common sight in our parts from about July (heading north to Hervey Bay where they rest and birth)  to October on their southern migration.  The homecoming is happening now, so I set this scene up for the nature table and then use the whale in the game.

The whale is on puppet strings and can be moved by holding it with two hands, to imitate the gentle undulating glide of a whale under water.

I sing this song, as I circle around the group and ‘gift’ a treasure of a little ‘kiss’- the whale stops and ‘kisses’ each child on the head which signals to them that it is time to wash hands for morning tea.
I have also used a couple of shells as the ‘treasure’ and the children place them in a friend’s lap before washing hands and swapping turns.

Here is the song.  (Original author unknown)

“As the whales swim through the waves, upon the deep blue sea
Dancing in and out the waves, as happy as can be
Treasures on the ocean floor, we see within our view
Leave a treasure*with a friend*, look and see*, is it you*??”

*Blow a kiss out loud.

2 Responses to ““The Winter Whales” transition game for playgroup, home or kindergarten use”

  1. Donna

    Miss Amber, I love reading about the magic you are weaving at your playgroup. It always inspires me to weave a bit of magic at home.x

  2. Amber

    Thanks, Donna. I love weaving it! We are having a small dress up halloween day and today I found the cutest pumpkin paper plates to use!

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