“Winter & Autumn” Leaf circle game for home, playgroup and kindergarten use

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Winter is here!
So I’ll take this last chance to show you our late Autumn nature table.
Fallen leaves are in abundance, and autumn leaf fairies are flying about, almost ready to return deep underground for their seasonal sleep.
I love this time of year.
I’ve had the best four nights of sleep in a row- tucked deep within the weight of blankets.
Last night, I even wore my beanie to bed!   (I’d be in trouble in a snowy country- Many visitors to the Gold Coast are still swimming in the ocean at this time, but I’m rugged in up multiple layers!!)
And bring on pumpkin soup!!
We’ve been playing a game of autumn leaves.
We sing a familiar song, whilst five little children dance about holding onto the stem of a real autumn leaf.
Then Blow Wind (an older child wearing a pale blue silk cape, and plaited fleece headband) waves his or her magic autumn leaf wand and gently nudges (tap on the head) one of the autumn leaves off the ‘tree’.
(The child returns their leaf to the basket and heads off to wash their sparkly hands)
Here is the traditional poem. (Acknowledgements to the original author).
5 little leaves so bright and gay
Were dancing about on the tree one day
Along came the wind, blowing through the town
One little leaf came tumbling down.

4 little leaves…

Happy 1st day of Winter/Summer.
What have you been doing today??

3 Responses to ““Winter & Autumn” Leaf circle game for home, playgroup and kindergarten use”

  1. cat and the voice

    This is my favourite time of year also, my fiance is from much colder climates than Brisbane originally and so to him it never really gets cold but I was born and raised in the tropics and this lovely fall/winter of ours is enough for me!

  2. Kylie

    What a glorious autumn table! We often sing that song in our circle, with actions “5 little leaves so bright and gay were dancing around the tree one day…”A firm favourite of ours.

  3. Amber Greene

    Hopefully, the children begin to see things they might like to add! I hope so. I really do. They find such treasures in the outside world. Things I never ever see!

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