DIY Salad Bar Party.

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diy salad bar party

DIY Salad Bar Party

A Month of Food Fun on PFE…Day One


Every day during February (or as often as I can- life is PRETTY BUSY this month, even busier than usual…but I’m striving to get here fairly regularly…), I’m going to share some ‘Food Fun’ ideas.

These are things I’ve been gathering over the years from friends, family, and community and it will be great to put them all in one place. If you like food, or teaching kids in the kitchen, or making up new food traditions, you might like to pop by every day in February to see just what I’m up to…

First up. A DIY Salad Bar Party idea.

At the end of last year, I took Ned to the Mullumbimby Christian School Fete. I LOVE fetes, and I go to as many as I can. Big, small, city, country. I keep a look out for all kinds. But the best kind I find are small country fetes. The big ones are often a dead loss- just a whole bunch of rides for which you buy a $25 pass, and not much else. Boring. Not my kind of crafty, creative, interactive fete at all.

But little well-thought out fetes with a decent-sized community backing are a treasure trove of ideas and activities.

I’m normally on the look-out for little crafts I can transform or recreate for you. But, at the Mullumbimby fete, my favourite ‘new thing’ was the DIY Salad Bar.

Each family had been asked to provide ONE big bowl of their most-loved salad, displayed in a big festive bowl. These were stored out of sight, in the kitchen.

The Salad Bar organisers then placed 8 big bowls of salad onto a table, taking care to mix them up a bit. A pair of tongs was placed into each bowl, and a lovely netting cloth was draped over the top.


$5 a bowl

For just $5 a bowl, punters (mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles, kids, friends…) could purchase an empty bowl, then fill it with their favourite selection of salads from the range. PLUS a drizzle of beetroot hummus, and chutney for super flavouring. I love a good mango chutney so this for me was an extra incentive. Homemade mango chutney. Yum.

There were chickpea salads, beetroot and goats cheese concoctions, pasta salads, rice salads, green salads, greek salads, cabbage and noodles crispy salad, coleslaw, potato salad, bean mixes, salads with cous cous, salads with roasted capsicum and roasted pumpkin, cheesy salads, and tabouli too. I kept passing by, to keep an eye on what was being brought out as one bowl emptied. I’ve never seen so many salads in all my life. I wish I had the recipes! ┬áTruly.


Periwinkle Salad Bar

So, when it came time to host our Christmas Fair at my son’s preschool last year, I had to share this idea. And the Periwinkle community got right behind it. Salads, salads, for everyone.

One family are farm gate providores, who market delicious gourmet meat, such as lamb and rosemary sausages, and they kindly offered to throw some ‘snags’ (albeit posh ones!) on the ‘barbie’ for those of us who like a little more than vegetables.

It was a winning combination, and a wonderful fundraiser for the preschool.


DIY Salad Bar Party

So for my next party, I’ve decided to roll out this idea and ask all our friends to come baring their favourite salad recipe. I love a good ‘pot luck’- this will just be a slight change to the template. But, oh my, won’t it be delicious, and healthy too?

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