Filling a handmade Halloween Treat Bag with crafty things and treats

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This is my friend Gabi’s Halloween treat bag. It is simply six rectangles (with slightly rounded sides narrowing at the base) of orange polar fleece sewn together in a round, with a circular base.
(The rectangles are 8cm at the top, tapering down to 5cm in width at the base, and 14cm in length.  The circular base is 9cm in diameter.  This includes a 1/2 cm allowance for seams).
The handle is a 24cm x 4cm strap of black felt. She then glued triangles of black felt for eyes and nose, and another piece (see the shape below) of black felt for the mouth.  What a grand idea.
You can fill them with all kinds of things, including lolly bags but Halloween treats don’t have to be lollies exclusively, do they?
Gabi made Halloween pinwheels from custom made ‘Felipe’ Halloween paper.
She made biscuit pops and cut out “I’m 2″ (for Felipe’s birthday) from rolled fondant using cookie cutters  but they can say anything!  How about ‘Boo!” ?
Bat wing cookies are easy too.  Simply use a bat shaped cookie cutter, pipe an outline in black royal icing, flood the entire cookie to fill it and add eyes and a mouth in green piping icing.
Gabi also added Halloween temporary tattoos and a small set of face-paints in the shape of a witch for each child.
I’m sure there are plenty of other non-lolly or non-food ideas for Halloween gifting out there too.
Halloween is next Monday.  Do you celebrate it?  And what do you give on Halloween night? 

2 Responses to “Filling a handmade Halloween Treat Bag with crafty things and treats”

  1. Deb

    We ALWAYS make melon lanterns, so much easier for kids to hollow out than pumpkins! Whatever is cheapest is what goes, watermelon, rockmelon. My kids have come up with many funny faces over the years! We all hook into the flesh whilst we’re at it! (That’s sinister sounding but we are talking Halloween here!)

  2. Amber Greene

    Melon lanterns!!! That is so cool. I have NEVER heard of that. I’d love a pic. Perhaps you’d like to do a guest post and tell us all about it. I LOVE it Deb. And considering the carving pumpkins are about $25-$30 here at the moment, it is a much much cheaper alternative too. (And definitely more yummy!) Thanks so much for commenting.

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