ghost-inspired ‘Mummy’ soda pop bottle party decorations for Halloween

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This is my favourite Halloween craft this year.
Aren’t these Mummy bottles divine?
All you need to do is grab a roll of masking tape and a pair of sticky wobble eyes from your local craft shop.  Stick the eyes on, then wrap the bottle completely with the tape.
Be sure to cover a little bit of the eyes for extra effect!

3 Responses to “ghost-inspired ‘Mummy’ soda pop bottle party decorations for Halloween”

  1. KJ

    Hi MamaMoontime, Love the bottles, just gorgeous!!! How is Moondew playgroup going.. Is anyone within the group thinking of creating something similar yet?? Hope you are super!! And thank you for creating a blog that is so inspiring!! i love reading all your updates, KJ :)

  2. Amber Greene

    Hi KJ
    Yes, there is a few possibilities being thrown around so will send out an email a bit later in the term to all newbies… How cute are the bottles! That Gabi is super dooper creative hey. Will be in touch.

  3. Ranjan

    Cut out lots of 4 inch golden and silver circles and paste them on a fishing wire. Use this streamer of circles to decorate your doorways and windows.

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