How to make ghost decorations from muslin for Halloween

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Can you imagine children being greeted by these friendly ghosts?
(The magnificent pink light in these two photos is the result of that outrageous storm that crossed Felipe’s Halloween birthday party)
There were more of these ghostly friends inside too. Gabi made these by first fashioning a ghostly shape from styrofoam.  One large block was the base.  She then sculpted the arms and head pieces of styrofoam with a sharp knife and used bamboo skewers to hold the frame together.
The next step was to dunk one metre lengths of white muslin in a solution of fabric stiffener and water until the entire piece was really well coated.  She then arranged the muslin over the frame and let it dry.  The eyes, mouth and eyebrows were cut from black felt and glued in place when the muslin dried.
When the muslin was hard, she simply removed the frame and ghostly forms appeared.
(She used the frames multiple times to make her ghostly sets)
Ghosts also hung from the ceiling fans.  For these ones, Gabi followed the same procedure to soak the muslin in fabric stiffener but draped the muslin (50cm squares) over half-inflated balloons.   When these dried, she added facial features and also a hanging string.
They spun like Halloween spirits in the breeze!  OOOHHHHH!!!!  Spooky!  especially with the lights off!

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