Moondew Playgroup “Riddle Dum Di, Pumpkin Pie” Festival for Autumn and Easter

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We are so lucky to have this lovely green space just a kilometre up the road from here.
With a big undercover shed, two long tables and a wide open space of concrete out of the weather, it is just the most perfect gathering space for a little non-profit group like ours.


It is our little secret, luckily, which means we can pretty much claim the space for a few hours.



It is amazing to me to see this abundance of open green space, purposely put aside and gracefully maintained for the use of our local citizens.  How lucky we are to live in this lovely place.


Our Riddle Dum Di, Riddle Dum Dai, Pumpkin Pie festival to celebrate the abundant harvest time of Autumn (and Easter) began at 5pm.


The children, with their families, made little origami envelopes
(I’ll post the how-to for these tomorrow)
and then we joined together for a story.


We lit our eggshell candles, made by our friend Felicity.
And sang a few songs..
“Oh, if you were a farmer, a farmer, a farmer
Oh, if you were a farmer, what would you do?”
“I would…. feed the chicks some grain, ride on the tractor, move soil with the backhoe, ride the pony, stir  the porridge, shear the sheep, milk the cows… That is what I’d do”


The story was one about a farmer who loved his wife very much and wanted to do something extra special for her. He decided to cook her favourite dish, and when she said it was ‘pumpkin pie’, the farmer set about to grow the pumpkin and then cook the delicious, nutritious, pumpkin pie just for her.
There is a lovely rhyme to mirror the story.
A farmer once planted some brown pumpkin seeds
With a pit a pat, pit a pat, pit a pat, pat
He watered them often, and pulled out the weeds
With a tug, tug at this, and a tug, tug at that
The pumpkins grew big and orange and round
Their green leaves were growing all over the ground
And when they were ready, the farmer did make
Riddle dum di, riddle dum dai
Delicious, nutritious, pumpkin pie. 

Then each child was gifted their very own pumpkin seeds, from the felt pumpkin pot.
We put them into their origami envelopes and sealed them up, waiting to be planted on their own gardens.


The children then took turns to ‘step’ on the pumpkins.
This is a pumpkin-inspired version of a game we have been playing for the past two weeks
(The original game has red toadstool stepping stones)
I’ll share the instructions for this game later…but gee, it is fun!



Then it was time to share a Pie-inspired meal.
There were pumpkin pies, potato pies, spinach pies, pumpkin pies and potato soup!


And we think the Easter Bunny did visit too for, as darkness came, we found containers full of easter treats for a shared dessert. One for every child and their parents too.
Meringue nests filled with sawdust (Persian fairy floss, or ‘pashmak’, bought at our local turkish deli in Nobby’s beach, about $7 for a tub) and baby mint speckled eggs. (Big W)
A lovely candlelit meal, good company and the joy of simplicity.
Good clean fun!

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  1. Bonnie

    another beautiful, fun festival! Thanks Amber! I am so happy my children are growing up with these amazing celebrations. You’re awesome xxx

  2. Amber Greene

    Me too, Bonnie. Ned has been running around the house singing ‘farmer’ song for the past few days. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share with a great bunch of lovely children and families. Makes life really worth living!
    And Karen, it was fun! and just a little wet at the end!

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