Styling a Halloween Party with Gabi Panissa

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One of my closest friends has left town.
Gabi’s husband Julio was invited to transfer to Canada for two years and so they headed off a 2-year adventure yesterday.  Lucky things!
So, they hosted an early 2nd birthday party for their son Felipe and made it a Farewell do too.
Gabi is one of the most creative people I know, and her talents shine when she is styling parties.
Have a look!
Wow- the effort.
Gabi made most of what you see here, even going so far as to paint the serving plates black and seal the paint in the oven. Felipe dropped one the day before the party (yikes!) so Gabi calmly made another!




The cake pops were made by a local cake shop.
How groovy are these?



I love the colour coordination of the lolly pops, made by Gabi of course.
She sewed all the lolly bags too!



Even the stationery and tags fit the theme…
I loved the little flower cases from Brazil, filled with a traditional brazilian treat.
(Pop back this week for the recipe!)


This cauldron is the ‘wishing well’ for gifts.
And this is the little man himself.
You have no idea how long it took me to snap this photo of a busy, busy Frankenstein!


This is Gabi and her husband.
She is like another little sister to me.
I’m so happy to have her as my friend (and Julio and Felipe too)
I’m going to miss her.
The late afternoon brought the most tremendous storm and the sky turned black and a wind blew and Halloween had definitely arrived early. Eerie!
The jumping castle filled with water, but that didn’t stop determined little 3 year olds for long.
Now, it was a slippery slide jumping castle.
What fun!
Isn’t that spectacular?  I love seeing what my friends can do.  They truly inspire me.
Pop back tomorrow for a how-to of Gabi’s crafty Halloween ideas.
See you soon!

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