Waldorf Spring Festival Celebration Ideas

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waldorf spring celebration ideas

On Wednesday last week, Ned’s preschool celebrated the arrival of Spring! Oh, I do think this is my favourite time of year. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, joy is everywhere. And of course, celebration is in the air.

waldorf spring festival celebration ideas

Ned’s Spring Festival began with a quiet gathering inside. The children sat on chairs in a circle, or on the floor while the teacher’s used their magic singing voices to quiet the space and prepare for a special spring story of new life and friendship.

Then they invited us to join in some spring ditties too. I have a favourite. I think I’m going to video it for you so you can hear the tune. It goes like this:

I like the flowers, I like the daffodils

I like the sunshine, I like the rolling hills

I like the fire side, when the lights are low

Oh, boom di- ay, ah boom di-ay, ah boom di-ay, ah boom di-ay

I’ve been changing the word ‘fire-side’ to ‘crickets hum’, or ‘humming’ or ‘chirping’ as I’m hearing a LOT of that right now. This song’s tune is mesmerising and enchanting and you really can substitute your favourite spring moments into it too.

(But I’ve also been chanting this one to Jack- “I like bananas, I like banana cake….” over and over and over again.  If you’ve been following my Instagram feed, you’ll know about my banana cake thing!)

Would you like to HEAR the lovely tune too? 

Next, we all ventured off outside to make a Spring Garland with flowers and vines freshly picked from lots of the family’s gardens. The sweet scent of flowers was all around us.

waldorf spring festival celebration ideas2

The teachers led us out the garden gate down to the open field behind and children and parents and friends all joined hands for a spring dance and game. I love this kind of thing, where everyone puts down their ego and their bravado, and dances about with the joy of a child. There is nothing better!

waldorf spring festival celebration ideas4

We returned to a feast of goodies and a lovely shared picnic in the Periwinkle gardens. Yes, this was the before-shot. Before the Magic Bean Chocolate Cake simply disappeared!

waldorf spring festival celebration ideas5

And when all the formalities were done, we were all left to enjoy the sunshine and one another’s company. I spotted Ned and a few children indulging in one of MY favourite childhood adventures- picking mulberries from the tree. I LOVE that my son has a fruiting mulberry tree at school. How lucky is he?

waldorf spring celebration ideas

Each child was also given their hand-felted butterfly toy on a stick. The children had felted a small rounded-edge piece of felt using sushi mats. When dried, these were shaped by putting a pipe cleaner tie in the centre of the felt and twisting it to make antennas. Each butterfly was hung on a golden string. Simple but so sweet.

waldorf spring festival celebration ideas6

But Jack’s highlight? Tasting a strawberry for the first time. Now, that is Spring!

PS: Don’t forget to let me know if you’d like to hear the song!

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  1. Amber Greene

    I know. I have memories of playing the trees outside my mum’s tennis club when we were kids. Love them! Thanks Cat for stopping by.

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