Decorate a Cupcake activity and a fishing for balloons party game

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Last year, Ned and I went to the 100th Anniversary Fair of our local school. This is the school where my next door neighbour’s daughter goes to, and the same one my younger sisters attended when we first moved to Queensland.


The Spring Fair was held on a Friday, to enable the day to be run almost completely by the children in Grade 7. (The last year of school, 12 and 13 year olds).
The children joined to form small groups and each group took charge of a fundraising stall.


There was the usual- pick a bottle, throw a coin on the chocolate bar, the dunking machine, throw a ball through a hoop, the empty-bed-frame throwing game (where children throw coins and try to make them land on top of a prize, not allowing the coin to slip through the wires) and a cent auction.


But they did have one activity that was drawing crowds more than any other!
Decorate a cupcake for $1!!
So, into the queue we hopped.
I nearly died when I saw the bowls of green, blue, pink and yellow icing!!!
(The kids loved it, of course, but surely there is another way?
There is: see below)


Next to the icing, were bowls of mini marshmallows, sprinkles, silver cachous, mini smarties and chocolate dimes. And spoons, thank goodness for spoons… the children could drizzle their picks onto their cupcake.


But it was a glorious activity and the children really loved it- the creative freedom, if not the cupcakes themselves! (That, I didn’t mind at all!)


And one of my Moondew mums recently told me that Coles (one of our local supermarkets) now stocks natural colours, so there is another way!  Pink (made from cochineal extract and not much more-yay!) and Yellow (made from Marigold extract and a few other things).  Each bottle costs about $2.50, a little more than the imitation stuff but not so much it is prohibitive.  Good thinking, Coles!


They also had a mini pack of four natural colours for about $7.50.
(And beetroot juice… we can’t forget beetroot juice.  It makes a lovely hue of pink too. )
For birthdays and parties, I think the expense is justified. Do you?



Last year, a friend and I also stopped in to the Cudgen school fair.
This caught my eye as a good game for children at a party too.
A blow up pool filled with water (and we have plenty of that to share at the moment!), and small rubber blow up balls that the children could ‘catch’ with a bamboo fishing pole.
The one they caught became their prize to take home, but the act of fishing itself was probably more fun!!! Abbey loved it!!
Have you seen any funky fete or fair activities that could be used for home?
Ned is turning 3 soon, and I’m thinking a circus party might be the happening thing.
I’d love to know what kind of things you have done/seen at parties too??
Thank you!

4 Responses to “Decorate a Cupcake activity and a fishing for balloons party game”

  1. Nina

    shaving cream. so much fun for kids that age. just squirt it into their hands and/or in a pan. you can let them add food color (just make sure to tell them not to eat it). they can sculpt it or whatever. my son just loves squishing it around (and he is not a get his hands dirty kinda kid at all…he won’t even open the car doors when its raining “I do not like to be wet”) and then rinsing it off with the hose.

    I saw a blog post last summer about a birthday party a mom did, she told everyone to wear clothes they could get wet and bring a change…water balloon tosses, shaving cream, homemade slip and slide (though this makes me leery for liability reasons), freeze party favors in ice and let them chip it them away, or you can make a big thing of clear gelatin (without the favors in it) and let them play with that.

  2. Amber Greene

    Oh, fun Nina! I love party favours in ice too. They’d be just like an archeologist. I’m contemplating freezing my credit card in ice too!

  3. rf

    Love the fishing game! How, exactly, did the fishing line catch a bouncy ball?

  4. Amber

    The balls had a rubber band loop stuck to them with tape and the fishing line had a ‘hook’ shaped from a thick bit of wire (like an S hanger thing you see on hanging mobiles). The balls were hard rubber so they couldn’t pop. Thank goodness!

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