Host a rainbow-inspired party for children

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My friend Tania’s littlest one turned 3 a few weeks ago.
L. wanted a rainbow party, so Tania made her one!
The invitation contained a message for the invitee and asked them to wear a particular colour.
Ned’s colour was green.
And so the rainbow festivities began….
There was a rainbow fruit platter and the children were invited to make rainbow fruit skewers of their own to nibble….
There was a rainbow vegetable dipping plate, with rainbow dips (beetroot, pumpkin, hommus and avocado) on offer.
There were rainbow cookies,
and rainbow drinks
and RAINBOW JELLIES too!!!!!
The jellies didn’t last long.
The Birthday Girl loved her jelly,
and so did Ned.
The rainbows kept appearing…
Rainbow Playdough- a ready-made pack for each child to play with at the party, and then take home.
Rainbow wall hangings for the children’s bedrooms, painted with a little help from mama.
Rainbow play time,
and Rainbow games.
This was a rainbow inspired game of musical chairs.
When the child landed on their chosen colour, they were given a special treat.
Each child received a rainbow bag made by Tania, with handles that matched their colour.
Inside was this lovely doll.  Tania’s crafty sister and mother knitted the dolls and rainbow sleeping bags too. What clever mama’s and grandmama’s, don’t you think?
There was also a pretty bubble blower, and a bouncing ball with rainbow streamers too.
My friend Tania is a crafty queen, who spends most of her evenings crafting instead of watching television as she loves to craft so much.
She has even been known to craft when she ought to have been writing school reports  ;)
But are you in awe anyway at her efforts?  I was!
Finally, there was a Rainbow cake.
Or should I say cakes?
The birthday girl snuffed out the candle on the rainbow cupcake,
and then it was time to dig in.
Rainbow parties are such fun!  Thank you Tania and her children for a wonderful day, and the opportunity to share your creative doings.
 Have you ever hosted a rainbow party?  What did you do? 
What kind of rainbow things did you play or make? 
(If you have a link to a rainbow-inspired experience of yours,
please place it in the comments for us all to see)
Tomorrow, Tania will feature as our Friday’s Guest, with a tutorial showing us how to make Rainbow Playdough just like she did.  See you soon.

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  1. Sharningu

    Oh wow! That is amazing! What a talented and generous woman.
    We go to Sea World for birthdays… :/

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