Make a Felt ball necklace activity for children

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How about felt ball necklace making?
A whole lot of felt balls (preprepared by the children or pre bought) were on display in sorted dishes.
And by the side of the table sat a basket of seedpods, predrilled with a small hole in the centre.
(Some lucky dad must have had this job!)
The children chose 5 felt balls in their favourite colours and 5 seedpods and were given a needle and thread with which to sew.  They strung their felt balls and seedpods together to make a funky necklace.
Cool, hey?
(They could make garlands or bracelets or vase decorations too)
There was a ‘plant a seedling’ stall.
And a ‘paint a butterfly’ activity.
The butterflies were pre-cut, and had two holes punched into the tops of the wings.
Then, a long string of wool was threaded through one hole and the other, and the butterfly fluttered from a bamboo pole.  This activity, simple it may be, was VERY popular, especially with little girls.
There was a whole butterfly family flying around….

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  1. Julie

    This is such a fun activity! I did this with my girls just recently, they loved it, of course.

  2. Lesley

    Thank you for these great and simple ideas ( except drilling seed pods may be a challenge) I will definately be using them and my daughter is doing a project at present on seeds so necklaces here we come.

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