Treasure Hunt in the Sandpit Game

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Ned’s birthday was a ‘dirt and mud’ themed gathering.
So a digging in the sandpit treasure hunt game kind of qualified.
I wrapped up 20 little parcels.
There were single tubs of playdough, lego truck stickers, matchbox trucks and a few sandpit shovels.
I punched out two circle tags of each colour.   Each parcel was labelled with a different coloured circle tag and the matching one was put into a pile.
Before the party, my husband hid those coloured circle tags deep in the sandpit, along with some foil wrapped baby easter eggs.
Each child was given a spoon.
I’d forgotten all about needing the spoons until the day before so didn’t have time to visit an op shop for some second hand supplies.  So, plastic it was.
The rule was that the children must use the spoon to dig.
When they found a coloured circle tag, they brought it to the prize desk and claimed their treasure.
Such fun!
This game was a winner.
In fact, Ned continues to bury eggs himself and spends hours out there finding them again.

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