A sneak peek into the most beautiful kindergarten in the world! Part One

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If I were to draw up plans for my dream home, I’d have to copy this kindergarten!
Or, I could just move right in!
I just love it!


These are photos of the outdoor space, and a few inside shots of a Waldorf school located about 90 minutes north of where I live. ┬áThis kindergarten has been in existance for quite some years, and is filled with the most amazing sources of open-ended ‘toys’ you’ll ever see!





My heart sings as I step into their ‘mud’ room and sneak a teeny peek into the welcoming hub.
Oh, to be a child in this space…



The windows mesmerise me with their curved and unusual shapes.
And when opened, a gentle breeze hums its way inside…




Shall we come back tomorrow for a more detailed peek inside?

10 Responses to “A sneak peek into the most beautiful kindergarten in the world! Part One”

  1. Jane (and Lou)

    Oh Amber STOP I cannot keep looking on jealously at all the fab pre-schools you get to visit, I keep telling myself ‘thou shalt not covet thou shalt not covet’. I’m trying to teach my girls at day care about alternatives to all the synthetic plastic ‘stuff’ & cognitive ‘games’ people seem to insist on bombarding children’s senses with. They all (children & staff) loved the log I brought in, and the little creatures I hid there. Success. So I set up a wooden tray of blue fabric with 3 little shells, a piece of driftwood & a turtle type creature. I came back Thu to see the ‘improvements’. New plastic rocks, plastic trees, plastic farm animals, plastic coral and plastic sea creatures. The staff were so excited with the new toys. SIGH. Please show us more tomorrow, I need encouragement and inspiration. Janexx

  2. Clara Beyond

    What an enchanting place…. so beautiful. My eldest is at Tarremah in Tasmania, and my twins are due to start there this year. It’s a purpose-built Steiner school and another very beautiful space. I feel so blessed to be part of the community. And as the teachers say, a kindergarten is made up of the children who go there, which of course is what makes it really magical!

  3. Kylie

    I was lucky enough to see this beautiful kindergarten after the 2009 vital years conference. It has such a wonderful nurturing feel as you walk in. Beautiful!

  4. Amber Greene

    Oh Jane, they do their best, don’t they. I think we need a revolution in understanding HOW children play with toys…. that might lead us to look more closely at the things we provide in our homes and centres. But change happens, if only slowly, when we keep bringing things to attention! Keep up the good work!!

    And for those of you who know this place, my it is a treasure isn’t it!

    I love what thoughtful schools and centres can do with their money. It has been a really interesting project to see what each school did with their Government grant. I have seen some amazing structures, and some big concrete boxes. And one wonders if anyone bothers to ask the teachers for input, even though they are the ones using these spaces with children everyday…. It is a question to ask, isn’t it.

  5. Natalie

    Amber!!! You’re killing me. We finally made our decision on school and let go of not being able to move to THIS one. Just love this one so much, and of course, your great photos really do everything justice. Was thinking of taking a drive out to this place today – now I definitely am!

  6. Rhiannon

    Oh wow, what an enchanting and inspiring place to be! There is nothing like that in my area, such a pity!

  7. Amber

    I know. perhaps you can take up the initiative…?

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