A sneaky peek into Periwinkle preschool, Byron Bay

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Doesn’t it just entice you in?
A beautiful stained glass window facing the front street is the only hint that behind the doors of this suburban house lies a magical wonder for children.


This is the door for the teachers, but the children and families take a traipse down the walkway into the back garden adventure playground and entranceway. To the right, just out of view, is the Kissing Window- a lovely spot where parents can stop by and give their child a last kiss before they head off for their day.  The kissing window is an amazing tool that helps with separation anxiety no end.  I love it.


Here is just a snippet of what lies inside…




Ooohh, I just love this castle moat bridge!





Bunk beds for dolls. How quaint!



Push along carriages, and beds for dolly.



and home corner.
Fresh flowers on the table is a special touch, don’t you think?
Children must really feel valued when they see the extra dose of caring.







Oh now, which colour do I feel like drawing with today?
Isn’t it lovely to see order in the presentation of art supplies for children?
And NO broken crayons, NO snapped pencils, NO piles of used computer paper for their artwork.
A fresh piece of paper, just for you, to say that we really value and appreciate your artistic work and the time and effort you put into it.





I remember slides like this.




Isn’t it amazing what a little imagination can build from natural materials?
Thank you Ellon, Susan and your lovely team of ladies for providing such a beautiful place for children to play.
I always love visiting!

10 Responses to “A sneaky peek into Periwinkle preschool, Byron Bay”

  1. leavesandblossoms

    I really enjoy clicking onto your blog. I always seem to sigh and relax as I scroll down your various posts. You are one of the strangely few people who seems to “get” childhood. I feel similar, as there is a part of me that has never left childhood, and although I hide this awe of the world I am secretly proud of it too!
    Love your blogs, love your inspiration, thank you.

  2. Toni D

    We love periwinkle, it will celebrate 25 years this year! Such a beautiful place for our children to be.

  3. Elisabeth

    Oh how I love your sneaky peaks! I’m always searching for new ideas to make our home/daycare more beautiful and peaceful! Thanks!

  4. Shannon

    Oh I especially love the little crystal duck pond – what a magical idea.

  5. Amber Greene

    Hi girls. Thank you for your comments today. Blossoms..my mother in law keeps asking me when I will stop working with little children- as ‘it gets boring after a while’ (what the??). This is the most magical time of their lives, and even if the price to pay is a random tantrum or two, it is so worth it! Thanks for your message! yeah, Toni- lucky duck. Yep, I’ll be down for the celebrations. So true, Elizabeth. I love sneaky peeks too. It refreshes my mind and observation and can inspire so well. I especially love the ‘little things’ people do- quick, easy and everyone can do it to make their home that little bit more ‘life filled’. Shannon- I think those crystal ponds were originally made by The Friendship Tree ladies in Melbourne. I bought one too at Vital years in 2007?? Jane, I know! Right back at you!

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    hi kellie from chayse and kiana

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