Creative ways to develop or fulfil movement and gross motor development capacities

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“Look, Mummy, the snake is dancing!!”





The ‘snake’ is simply a very long length of braid from our knitting nancy, in rainbow colours.  It is normally kept inside on the shelf as a rope to tie cubbies or use as a belt on a costume.  But look what Ned made it do today!
I love how a child, when left to their own devices, can come up with creative ways to move their bodies and fulfil many of their gross motor needs. Most young children don’t really need extra classes, or tonnes of money spent on after school activities. What they do need is plenty of space, imagination, and time to run about, jump and have movement fun. All this is essential for brain development, and left-right integration too.  All good stuff for academic preparation and success too.  Movement of all kinds is truly a magic thing.
Oh, I must say I do love almost-3 year olds and their wonderful imaginations!
Don’t you?
PS:  Yes, our old trampoline doesn’t have a net.  Shock, horror!  Our new 15ft one does. Which one do you think has had the most accidents or bumps?  You guessed it.  The one WITH the net.  There is something about net-free trampolines that requires the child to acknowledge the space around them, and become aware of their own place in space to avoid falling off.  Too many times I’ve now watched children disregard their own normal reactions, happy to rely upon the ‘safety’ net they see.  I think I prefer Ned to jump on a trampoline that allows him to learn his own limits and capacities by using his eyes and his senses.  But in this day and age, sadly, for the moment, the net stays.

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  1. Toni D

    LOL me too, so beautiful what they do with what they have on hand. My four year old and two year old poured water out of their drink bottles and onto a tile floor this evening, then proceeded to place their tummies on the floor, excitedly paddling in their new swimming pool. I have to say I was glad that this unfolded in front of me as I began to imagine the possibilities of what could go wrong with a scenario like this. But so creative, nonetheless.

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