Felt fishing game for children. DIY Tutorial. Part One: The Fish

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I love fishing games, and so do children.
Here is an easy way to make one for home.
Bring it out for birthdays or rainy days, or stuck at home bored days.
What fun!
First step, use this pattern to cut out two matching shapes from a piece of wool felt.
For the nose ring :)  I like to use ‘washers’.  Pick up a pack of washers for about $1 at any good old cheap shop!
This is the placement of the ‘nose ring’.
The more of the ring that is exposed, the better for the magnet to reach it!
Start sewing here, with a dart stitch to secure the washer to the felt.
Work your way around the fish using a blanket stitch, with stitches nice and small.
Leave an opening near the end for the stuffing.
Stuff it nicely but not too full.
We don’t want the fish to be too heavy for the rod!
Then sew it closed.
Add a little bead on both sides for eyes.
I like a star embellishment around the eye.
Subtle, but just adds a bit of character.
Otherwise, I’m enjoying the fish being quite plain.
(Some of the fish have mixed colours eg; pink on one side, orange on the other for a bit of variation)
(Some of you though, might like to add sparkles, fins, or sequins.
Just remember to be mindful of the finished weight of the fish)
Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to make the fishing rod.
Have some fishy fun!!

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