Simple Pulley and Lever Activity for Children

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If only I’d known how easy it was to make a pulley system, I would have done it ages ago.
Ned found a little toy that I bought many moons ago and yesterday, we worked out how to set it up.
The toy is German made by Kraul. “Mini Cable Car”
Sadly I have no idea of the supplier. If you do, please let me know
Parenting Fun Everyday reader, Emma,  found something similar from Dragonfly toys.  Yay! Thanks Emma.

You can easily make one for home too.  I think boys and girls would all love a sliding trolley cable car like this to move their little toys and treasures about.  Such fun.
You need two pieces of cotton string, each about 2 metres long.
On the first piece, make a slip knot at both ends of the string.
Place one slip knot onto a nail or hook up high.


Attach the other slip knot to a chair leg or arm.
This will give you good fall for the cable car to travel down the ‘mountain’.


You’ll need a keyring round like this.
Thread the keyring round INTO the slip knot that is attached to the wall nail.
The cable is ready.


On the second string, thread a coloured bead onto one end. This is your pulley handle.
Make another slip knot on the end of this string too.


Thread the other end of the string THROUGH the keyring and let it hang down for a moment.


You’ll need to make yourself a little cable car.
Just a box and support, attached to the cable mechanism.


You’ll need two barrow buttons like this.
The string runs between them.
Perhaps print this picture off and take it to your local hardware store.
They’ll have something to use.
You also need a small rubberised bead to hold the elevator cable.


Place the slip knot around the rubberised bead and catch it firmly.




Place the cable car onto the cable like this.
The two barrel beads sit on top of the wire, whilst the elevator cable is used to pull the cable car up and down the mountain.



Woo hoo! Here she goes…


Down the mountain.
What a view.

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  1. Sharningu

    These are so awesome. I saw them somewhere recently (online). I think it may have been dragonflytoys as Emma said.

    Hmmm… Should I get Oaks one for his birthday?

  2. Ailsa

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have the Kraul Cable Car Kit, but lost the instructions ages ago. Thanks to you, my boys are thrilled to be playing with it at long last – up mount Everest no less! Lovely blog, thank you!

  3. Jean

    Hi, i bought several sets from Crayon Toys, Australia. Great hit with all the Great neices and nephews.

  4. Tayani

    This is amazing I have to make a simple machine for science at school and this is perfect great idea. Keep it up

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