Bella Bilby and the Magical Easter Basket Story

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Bella Bilby and the Magical Easter Basket 

A Southern Hemisphere Easter Story by Ali Ward, just for you.  Enjoy. 

It was the day before Easter.
Mr Easter Rabbit was busy putting the final touches onto all the Easter delights.  He knew his job was very special and spent all year long getting everything just right before the big day.
When he tied the final ribbon around the final Easter delight, Mr Easter Rabbit looked around his special magical Easter Basket to put everything into. But it wasn’t there!

Mr Easter Rabbit looked all over his workshop but the basket was nowhere to be seen.
He looked high; and he looked low.  But nothing.  What was he going to do?  The magical Easter basket was what carried the Easter delights from his workshop to all the children in the world.

This magical basket was beautiful.
It was made of all the love, all the hopes and all the dreams of all the girls and boys, everywhere.

Time was running out and the day’s light was fading.
Mr Easter Rabbit knew he needed help if he was ever going to see the basket again.

So, he called his friend, Bella.  Bella the Aussie Bilby.
Bella Bilby on hearing the terrible news, travelled great distances.  She climbed the highest mountains, walked the darkest forests and waded through the largest of raging rivers until she finally reached Mr Easter Rabbit.

“At last! Hello Bella!”  said Mr Easter Rabbit.  “I really need your help.  Can you help me find the magical Easter basket?  Or the children will not get their Easter delight this year.”

“Do not worry.”  Said Bella Bilby.  “Lets start by asking all your friends to come and help.  Maybe they know a special place where it could be.”
No sooner had she spoken that Mr Easter Rabbit’s family and woodland folk friends began searching, and looking and calling to the Magical Easter basket.

‘Basket, basket, where could you be?
Basket, basket – come out to me’

But there was nothing.
No basket.
No noise.
No fancy ribbons or bows, or colourful feathers dropped on the ground.
No traces left anywhere.

“Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! What will I do?”  Mr Easter Rabbit said worriedly.  “It’s dark now and time is running out fast.”

Just then, Bella Bilby had a delightful idea.

“Why don’t I put all the Easter delights into my pouch?  That way they will be safe and secure.  And Bilbies like me, are very clever at not being seen.  I can deliver these delights without anyone noticing me.”

“What a fabulous idea!”  shouted Mr Easter Rabbit.

The friends quickly packed all the Easter delights into Bella’s pouch.  Bella was almost bursting with the load, but she was determined to get the job done.  It would be light soon, so Bella had to move very, very fast.

Bella climbed the highest mountains, walked the darkest forests and waded through the largest raging rivers to get all the delights delivered.

Luckily, as the sun rose in the east, Bella Bilby returned back to where the Easter Rabbit was waiting nervously. She had succeeded in delivering all the delights without one child seeing her!
It was wonderful news and Mr Easter Rabbit gathered the friends to cheer Bella.

“Hip hip!  Hooray!  Hip hip!  Hooray!  Hip hip!  Horray!” they shouted.

To celebrate, Mr Easter Rabbit asked all the friends and Bella to join in him in making a new Magical Easter basket.  It would be much more special than the last one.
This basket would be filled with all their love.
All their hopes. And all their dreams.

“Thank you, Bella Bilby.  You truly are special” said Mr Easter Rabbit.
“I think you deserve the title of The Easter Bilby from now on.”

Bella Bilby, was delightfully delighted.

If you’d like to share the story, or republish it, please contact Ali  for permission.

Thank you, Ali.
Just lovely!

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