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My friend Susan has done it again!  She has just released her third title in e-book form.  It was released on Amazon this week.  I LOVE Susan’s work and I was lucky enough to be asked by her to launch her last book in October last year.  It is a privilege to be sharing more of her work with my Parenting Fun tribe of readers.


Susan has been working with ‘story’ for many years now, and has come to realise the power of story in helping children (actually, adults too!) to overcome, process, navigate through difficulties and heal from some of life’s biggest challenges, as well as tiny little everyday upsets. I have plenty of hands-on experience with some of these stories too, and can vouch for their power in making children think a little clearer, feel a little deeper, and laugh a little louder. I can’t get enough of them.  There is gold in every story Susan writes.


If you haven’t yet had the chance to read or work with one of Susan’s stories with your own children, I’d suggest you get your hands on a copy of her new book, A spoonful of stories, quick smart. I have a feeling you’ll soon be as hooked as I am.



An A – Z Collection of Behaviour Tales for Children

From Cranky Cockatoo to Fussy Foo FooMessy Mermaid to Obnoxious OctopusQuibbling Queen to X-tremely Dominant Xylophone, this alphabetical collection of behaviour tales encourages the use of story medicine as a creative strategy in parenting and teaching.

All 26 tales in ‘A Spoonful of Stories’ begin with an undesirable or out-of-balance situation and, through the use of metaphor and an imaginative story journey, lead to a more desirable resolution. In this way, the stories also have the potential for nurturing positive values.

Stories may not be magic pills that have powers to fix or heal all difficulties, but they can be a wonderful, and a more pleasant, alternative to nagging and lecturing. And sometimes ‘magic’ does happen and a story does make a difference!

Covering a range of universal behaviour, the stories are suitable for two to ten years (and the child in every adult!). Following the alphabet from A to Z, each behaviour is identified in the story title,: anxious, bullying, cranky, demanding … greedy … loud … pesky … reticent … uncooperative …whingeing … and more. The stories can be worked with directly, adapted, turned into home-made picture books and puppet shows, or used as springboards for the creation of one’s own tales.

It is Susan’s third collection of therapeutic stories, her first e-collection, and her first in ‘The Spoonful Series’.

Visit Amazon today to buy your own copy!

And while you are there, check out Susan’s two other titles.  These books are super inspiring.  I have them both and do mention the success I’ve had with a couple of Susan’s stories in my upcoming book too.

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