Recording Stories and Songs for children: Parent Tip

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Yesterday, my friend Jen of Lavendilly House shared her tip on recording stories and songs for children.

“I recorded the story I told to the children last night on my phone – one of the best things I have ever done! I was able to give my phone to Kaelan to listen to the story this afternoon as a bit of needed comfort and quiet time, and again to Rosella when she was not feeling sleepy at bed time”

Other friends shared their good ideas too.

  • Record yourself singing your child’s favourite song or reading their favourite story on the phone. They are invaluable when you just can’t manage to repeat them over and over again when you are undertaking long drives.
  • Record a series of one-sided conversations into an old phone.  Ask questions or request them to sing along with you.  Children love intrigue and mystery and to be involved in something unusual like this too.  (My friend’s son has loved this and it has become one of his favourite things to do.  He still requests to listen to the recordings even after a year.)
Positive and purposeful use of technology. I like it.
In our house, we’ve fallen in love with audio books too. Last year in September, Ned and I found the book “Polar Express” in the library and to my surprise, when we brought it home there was a CD in the back.  We have a television & dvd-free family home but I was more than happy to let him listen to a CD accompanying a book.  It actually brought back memories of those old children’s vinyl records we listened to as kids. Turn the page when you hear the bell. That kind of thing.  The best thing about the CD, other than the beautiful story of course, was hearing Liam Neeson reading it.  Oh my.  That man gave me the shivers just with his voice!

So, now we sometimes look for books with storytelling cds in them.  They are not so easy to come by sadly but this past week, we found a Shirley Hughes book, “Alfie gives a hand” with an accompaniment.  (Another friend found the “The Enchanted Forest” stories by Enid Blyton, lovingly read by Kate Winslet.   Oh, so prim and proper and posh. I can just imagine hearing it now.  Delightful. )

At the end of a long day’s play,  or on a rainy day, or whilst I’m washing up the evening’s dinner plates before bed, I sometimes let Ned listen.  It is not an everyday thing (I wouldn’t trade the time of connection and loving cuddles when I read books to Ned each day) but it’s a sometimes thing.  I like ‘sometimes’ things. Like lollies and chocolate, everything is perfect in moderation.

Perhaps you have a tip of your own?

4 Responses to “Recording Stories and Songs for children: Parent Tip”

  1. Anonymous

    Louise:The Adventures of a Chicken, has a CD in it too. It’s at Gold Coast Lirbaries.

  2. Amber Greene

    Oh, its off to the library catalogue to hold that one Fliss. Renee, Hugo must be growing! Computer time again. Yay!

  3. Katrina

    I got a couple of audiobooks out from the library for the first time this week for Hugo. Thought they would be really good to pull out here and there (when I am putting Cam to sleep, if we’re going for a long drive, or if he is asking to watch TV!) Unfortunately some of them go on for too long, or are just that little bit too old for him. Does anyone have any suggestions of audiobooks for 3 year olds? The one we like best so far is “Feathers for Phoebe” which is from a picture book we have read before. We might have to check out “The Adventures of a Chicken” too, after you Amber! :)

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