The Neighbourhood Street Library sharing the love of books and reading

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The Neighbourhood Street Library Sharing the love of books and reading

The Neighbourhood Street Library

Sharing the love of books and reading


My friend Felicity is a dreamer, and a sharer of ideas. She is also a giver, and someone who lives and breathes community. Last year, Felicity decided to put one of her ideas into action. She asked her friend’s dad to make her a wooden waterproof library cupboard, which he did- in the shape of her house! This was the real beginning of the Neighbourhood Street Library, sharing the love of books and reading.

Fliss then visited the ‘Friends of the Library’ and collected a bunch of her favourite books- new and old- to pop inside.

She set up this new ‘Neighbourhood Street Library’ on her front step, along with a bunch of toadstool-inspired stools and cushions for comfort. And festive bunting. Then she added a sign.

Little Free Library


The Neighbourhood Street Library2


The premise being that anyone and everyone was invited to stop a moment, and take a book. Books being a wonderful gift of time, and time-out.

It was a little strange to see, and I think some of the neighbours, from what I hear, did wonder what Fliss was up to. But slowly, the books began going… and coming. Other people, far and wide, began ‘borrowing’ from Fliss’s free library. Friends stopped by JUST to pick up or drop off a book. Other friends culled their own collections to add to the mix.

It was an ever-changing, inspiring library of gorgeous words and inspiration.  There were titles on mothering, buddhism, philosophy, literary fabulousness, cooking books and art.

But sadly, Fliss recently moved and the library has gone with her. I’m just hopeful she sets it up again in her new place. What a way to meet the neighbours and create links between the old and the young, the established and the new, the quiet and the extrovert.

I hope you too might meet my community-driven, gorgeous friend Fliss one day. Perhaps you’ll pop by her library and borrow a book!

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