Finding quality new and secondhand craft goods and wooden toys online

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 wooden toys online

Craft Goods and Wooden Toys online


My newest obsession!

This post was in collaboration with Quicksales.


I love a bargain. I love hunting for a bargain too. But more than that, I love finding the exact treasure I’ve been after, like at a garage sale, in an op shop or charity shop, or in an Antique store. But when I don’t have time to trawl bricks and mortar places, I will often head online. It’s not quite as much fun, but it is often much quicker.

At the moment, I have a vested interest in finding wooden toys as we are stocking up our toy library for our new Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care scheme so I’ve been on the hunt in any spare moment I have. But I also love to spy pre-loved crafty goods. Those things that have been stored in other people’s cupboards for years, hibernating for the right moment that obviously never appeared. These finds spark my creativity like nothing else.

While I do have my regular ‘bookmarks’ on my computer, I was just introduced to a place which might just become top of my list for finding those hard-to-locate items or popular things such as wooden toys or lovely crafty stuff.


Quicksales is an Australian only (handy!) online classifieds and auctions site which is 100% free to sell or list your items.They sell a huge range of things you might be looking for, including cars, clothing and accessories, home wares, fitness equipment – but I’ve been honing in on the kids and baby products and toys.

wooden toys online

When I was browsing around on Quicksales yesterday, there was a bundle of Wooden Doll Families for imaginative play and doll houses, alphabet puzzles and blocks in all shapes and sizes, wooden balance bikes, train sets with tables to set them up on, things to inspire cooking and home corner play such as food sets and barbeque cooking sets and wooden trolleys, a wooden horse stable for your horse toys, and this too, a pink teapot-shaped dolls house with all the fittings!

wooden toys online


And wooden baby toys too, such as the wooden hammer ball bench at the top of the page, which makes music when the babies hammer the ball onto the xylophone!



And even “How to make your own Wooden Toys” books! There were also metal building sets for boys too, such as dumptrucks and quad bikes, and excavators.


And there was even a tonne of Lego! Ned, my lego-loving little one, will be thrilled.

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