Wooden Meccano Set

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How cool is this?
My friend Sandra was given this by a friend and the children in her family day care LOVE it!
I think some of the older Moondew children would too.
Anyone know where to get hold of one???

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  1. Anonymous

    Probably not much help. We had these. Mum said she can’t recall them having a brand name – they were just called a construction set, and they bought them in a party plan in the 1980′s. Good luck. Now I have to figure out what they are called.

  2. Vera Lothian

    Looks similar to matador. they have it at myriadonline.co.uk look by natural play then building & construction.

    hth :)

  3. Cheryl

    That looks so much better than the plastic version. My 3yo is totally frustrated that everything he makes with his new plastic set, rattles loose when he moves it.

  4. Karin

    They have something that looks similar at Nature Play at Samford. It is called Choc-a-blocs

  5. Natalie

    my Dad bought some Meccano just a few years ago (for himself btw!) but it was plastic. We have a set like this in the Grandies room at his place, but again, from the 80′s. Try ebay.

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