Wooden Playscape Designs at Folkwood by Sandy

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wooden playscape designs

Wooden Playscape Designs at Folkwood


A little while ago, I literally stumbled across the most gorgeous shop on Madeit called Folkwood. I have been bubbling with excitement to share this shop with you in the lead-up to Christmas. You will LOVE this. I just know it.


Folkwood is the work of Sandy, Mama to 3 grown boys, and Nana to 2 gorgeous girls, and the sole creator of all Folkwood magic.


Here’s a little bit about Sandy, in her own words…


wooden playscape designs


“I’ve always loved creating from natural materials, particularly wool fibre, clay and wood – three very tactile mediums. There’s something earthy yet uplifting about crafting with something close to its’ natural state. I’ve felted for many years, potted here and there, and worked with wood for a few years now.  Folkwood was born when my husband bought me a scroll saw for my birthday almost 3 years ago. I now had a fantastic new way to create things I love. And boy did I create! Just ask family and friends.


needlefelted toadstools


Having sold a few pieces locally I decided to open a shop with Madeit, a really great platform for Australian artists and crafters. I wanted the name to reflect the nature of my craft, one that conveys a sense of simplicity. I love to experiment with new ideas to fuel little imaginations, along with time-tested favourites, such as simple puzzles and stacking rainbows. I also stock some unique decor items that are great for gift giving.


wooden playscape designs wee village


My favourite gift idea for an adult would have to be my wee wooden village, and for a child I couldn’t go past my Folkwood Original Playscape Base and Tree Set.  (Pictured at the top.)” 


Oh, Sandy. Your talent and your attention to detail is amazing! Thank you for what you are bringing into this world of play and imagination. I love it.

Here’s a few more of Sandy’s creations…


wooden playscape designs tunnel


 I LOVE these playscapes, and I can’t wait to have my own one in our playroom for the boys.  I do love these tunnels too, and the bridge.


wooden playscape designs2


wooden playscape designs animals


I am sure that so many of you are going to fall in love with these like me, and I sure do hope that when you visit Sandy to purchase your very own set, that you do tell her where you first saw these playscapes. I’d love her to know how much we PFE friends all like and treasure her things.


Did you know that Sandy has a Facebook page too?

Become a friend there and stay in touch with what she is up to- including all her new designs.




I have a very special giveaway from Folkwood.

Pop back tomorrow to see just what YOU might win. Oh my!



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  1. Katrina R

    Gorgeous. Love the bridge over the stream. And the little houses. I’ll be coming back to check out the give-away!! :)

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