Introducing Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Service… Holistic Family Day Care

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Holistic Family Day Care for children 0 to 6 years


I have some very BIG NEWS!

I’m super dooper excited to share this new venture of holistic family day care. I’ve been working with two partners, Victoria and Lara, to bring about the most exciting thing. We are on target to launch Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care scheme- the umbrella organisation for educators teaching and caring for children in their homes- in the Byron Bay, Gold Coast and Brisbane region very very soon!. (And further afield from 2015!)

Our aim is to be the (r)evolution in childcare, with a focus on healthy whole food, PFE-style (Parenting Fun Everyday) crafting and creative activities, eco-friendly adventures, singing and music and cooking and playing and games and so much more, all within the safe and nurturing structure of a daily rhythm and culminating each season with a family festival. Plus, we plan to facilitate a number of community events during the year!

Our educators will have access to the most inspiring, creative, caring, holistic foundation course, plus will be able to bring the 4 children in their group along to a weekly facilitated playgroup, hosted by me, or one of our many talented teachers.

There will also be monthly weekend sessions for educators and parents too, on storytelling, play, music, games, crafts and activities, kids in the kitchen… PRACTICAL hands-on sessions with a broad range of awesome and fun teachers. And no day like this would be complete without oh-my-happy-tastebuds delicious handmade morning tea and lunch.

We aim to host our first ever day-long conference in October 2014 too!


  • are someone who is thinking about returning to the workforce by creating your own family day care at home,
  • OR are someone who is thinking about a career change.. and would LOVE to work in a vocation that nourishes you both professionally and personally as you ‘fire up your creative spark!’ while earning a good income working from home
  • OR if you would like a change from working in a centre, or would like to have more say about the kind of care you want to provide
  • OR if you are already running your own fdc but are not being supported in the way you would like,
  • OR if you have children and want to send them to a place with a focus on gentle and exceptional care, eco-friendly adventures, creativity and colour-filled fun, rhythm and good food…

then do get in touch!


I have an email list for both educators/potential educators, and parents who like the sound of this kind of care for their little ones.

Send me an email and I’ll pop you on the list so you can stay informed of all the updates!


PS: It doesnt matter where you live… we may be able to help! ¬†We’re exploring all kinds of training options…


Viva creativity! Send me an email to the address below and tell us your story, needs and wants…

52 Responses to “Introducing Rainbow Bridge Family Day Care Service… Holistic Family Day Care”

  1. Claire

    Please let me know if you intend to open a family day care in the Byron Shire – I’m about to have number 2 and am already thinking where I will send this little one next year when I have to go back to work for 2 days a week- please keep me informed

  2. Angela

    Hi! I am very interested in your service as a parent and would like some further information regarding the centres at the Gold Coast please :) my little one is 2.5yrs and I’m needing a daycare that follow my values and his :) xx angela

  3. Amy

    Am really interested in this for my 2 children. Please add me to the email list. Cheers Amy Castle

  4. Natasha

    Hi, we have just moved to Byron Shire & we are looking for my 3 year daughter to attend a day care 2 days/week. She has previously attended a Steiner childcare in Melbourne & we really enjoy their philosophy & nurturing. Look forward to hearing from you. Natasha

  5. Amber Greene

    Hi Natasha
    I’ve just added you to my RBFDC email list. We should have a newsletter out in the next 2 weeks. We are VERY close to kick off! Stay tuned. Thanks for getting in touch. Hope we can help you soon. In the meantime, the Cape Byron playgroup has just started… It is held in Bangalow. Call the school to get Maxine’s phone number (playgroup leader). :)

  6. Janneke

    Hi Amber, I’m new to the Byron Bay Area (Suffolk Park) and have a 2yr old boy and another child due early 2015. My son had just started a Steiner based family daycare in Sydney before we moved (at Rae’s – I believe you know her prefessionally) and I’d love to find something similar here for him. I also love your initiative – great to have an umbrella group of family day cares with a similar philosophy!

  7. Bronwyn

    Hi I would love to know of any Steiner based family day care or day care options in Brisbane North for my children. Please sign me up for your news letter :)

  8. Danielle Carter

    I’m interested as a mum in Brisbane looking for quality care for my daughter. Please could you keep me informed on when you are opening up in Brisbane. Thank you.

  9. Kate

    Please keep me updated too. I would love to be able to find this quality care for my 2.5 year old daugher (currently in day care 2 days a week)

  10. Larissa

    Hi Amber,
    Lovely to come across your website. I Have a 2.5 year old boy and we are i n Ocean Shores; I would love to know of any Steiner based family day care or creative day care options in the area ( Ocean Shores, Brunswicks heads, Mullumbimby, Byron bay, etc).
    We are new around here, so any help would be very appreciated.
    Thank you.

  11. Melissa

    Please please please if you now of any family day care of this flavour in Melbourne let me know. I need one now and can not find anything like it here, thank you

  12. Emma

    Hi Amber,

    I’m interested in an alternative care centre for my son. Would you mind popping me on the email lost too please?


  13. Amber Greene

    Hi Melissa
    Try giving the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School a call… they might know of someone doing something similar??

  14. Allison Walker

    Qualified experienced registered teacher and working in Steiner Early childhood education. Looking to offer Steiner based FDC in Melbourne and would like to hear from families who may be interested in Steiner FDC.

  15. Sharon

    Hi there, just enquiring if you have started your scheme in Brissie yet. I am an established educator but looking to change schemes. Something with a difference would be wonderful for my families.

  16. Amber Greene

    HI Sharon
    Have just passed your details to Victoria. Sorry about the delay! I haven’t been here for a week! Amber

  17. Miriam

    Hi Amber,
    I would love to be kept informed about family day cares in the Byron Shire that follow this kind of philosophy.
    Thanks so much,

  18. Nat

    Hi Amber,
    Could you please add me to the email list. I am looking for a Steiner FDC in west Brisbane in the coming year. I currently live in canberra and my 16 month old goes to a wonderful Steiner style daycare however we are moving soon and upon research have found Brisbane lacking in anything Steiner!

  19. Amber Greene

    Hi Nat
    Thank you. Will do. I’ll ask Victoria to phone you as we do have one, and soon two, FDC’s in Brisbane now. TAlk soon.

  20. Jodie

    Hi, I am very interested in Steiner FDC in the Northern Gold Coast to Logan area as there is nothing available around here. Would love to be added to your newsletter and be updated as to Brisbane/Gold Coast options that hopefully will be available for 2016?? Thanks Jodie

  21. Amber Greene

    HI Jodie
    I’ll have Victoria email you to touch base and I’ll add you to the newsletter. Talk soon. Amber

  22. Selenda


    Is their a Steiner inspired family daycare in Melbourne?

    Please advise ASAP.


  23. Amelia

    I’m also interested in sending my daughter a day a week to a Steiner inspired FDC in Brisbane. Would they be CCB registered?

  24. Briege


    I would really like some contacts or advice on some creative, nurturing family daycare in the byron shire region – particularly any ones that are closer to Bangalow. Looking for a gentle learning and fun space for my son to ease into. Steiner inspired preferred.

    Thank you kindly,


  25. Amber Greene

    Hi Briege.
    I’ve just forwarded your details to Victoria who will be in contact shortly.
    Thanks for the message.

  26. eisha

    Hi there looking for steiner day care for my 18nonth old in north bris? Thank you

  27. Kylie Johnston

    Please add me to your mailing list. I am interested and live on Brisbane northside

  28. Amber Greene

    HI Eisha
    I’ve just forwarded your email address to Victoria, our Families officer, who will in touch soon. Thank you.

  29. Angelique

    Hi – are you still creating progressive daycares in the Byron area?? I just sent you an email as we are on the hunt to put our two daughter’s names down for Steiner inspired daycares in the Bangalow Byron region… Thank you.

  30. Savannagh

    Hi Amber, I’m looking for a Steiner FDC in the Byron region, we are in Ocean Shores and might be getting some work at the Gold Coast. Thanks a lot!

  31. Katharine

    Hello, I am a mum looking for Steiner, gentle FDC in Northern Rivers also, have started playgroup and really need to get back to work 2 days a week. Best Reagrds!

  32. Courtney

    Hi I am a FDC educator in the northern rivers and I am very interested to hear more about what you can offer as a scheme thank you

  33. Helga

    Hi, I am interested in a gentle family daycare for my soon 3 year old daughter. We live on the central Gold Coast. Thanks

  34. Ali

    I have a one year old who I am looking at putting into a daycare 1-2 days a week.
    I’m really after a similar style to the Steiner type learning as he is such a sensitive soul and would love his creativity to flourish.
    I’m in the area of the central coast NSW if there is anything around here?

  35. Amber Greene

    HI Ali
    Thank you for your enquiry. At the moment, we only have ed’s in Qld and Northern NSW. Sorry we aren’t able to help you out. Good luck on your hunt. Amber

  36. Liza Atherton

    Hi, I am looking for a family day care either around the Geelong or Melbourne area’s. Please let me know you have any educators in these locations.

  37. Liza Atherton

    Hi, I am looking for a family day care either around the Geelong or Melbourne area’s. Please let me know you have any educators in these locations.

  38. Sam Kirk

    Hi Amber,
    Could you please add me to the email list
    Thankyou :)

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