Free Printable: “My Savings Goal” Visual Poster to help children learn to save money

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My_Savings_Goal PDF


Download “My Savings Goal” poster here.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about helping kids to learn to save money.  I promised you a FREE PRINTABLE poster that you can download and stick up on your wall to give the children a visual helper to set and reach their goals.  I love visuals. I know my office is filled with visual posters, goal tasks, and reminders, and I’m planning on a trip to Ikea soon to buy some of those lovely white box picture frames so I can hang some of the lovely inspirational posters I’ve gathered recently.


The Savings Chart includes a place for the children to write their goal- whether it is a bike, a toy, a gift for someone, or entry fees for an excursion to a place such as Australia Zoo, or a fun park. (You might want to put a photo or picture of the intended ‘goal’ up on the wall too.)   Below that is a place to name your price, the final amount you are aiming for.


Then you can help the children to work out how long they have to save before they need their stash, and divide the price by the weeks to find out how much they need each week.


When kids are learning to save, it can help to break up the total amount into achievable chunks. On the right of the poster, you’ll see a savings beaker with spaces to write these down.  Children can colour in the the beaker as their savings grow higher and higher!


Keep the poster on the fridge, or somewhere visible so they can check in weekly.  Nothing like a bit of visual motivation on pocket money day.


Enjoy… let me know how it goes in your household.


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