Baking fun with children: How to make your own piping bags

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naturally coloured icing how to make your own piping bag

How to make your own Piping Bags

Here’s a quick and simple idea for a bit of weekend fun.  Make your own piping bags and invite your children to decorate some cookies or a cake.  Do you know this fabulous trick?  Piping bags made from zip-lock sandwich bags.  Easy and inexpensive too.

How to…

All you need to do is to pour a cup or two of plain icing sugar, or icing mixture, into a bowl and stir in a few drops of water until the mixture is like runny glue. Determine how many colours you’ll be using (for example, 4) and divide the mixture into this many small clean bowls. In each bowl, add a few drops of natural extract food colouring. (In Australia, Coles supermarkets sell the 4-pack in the photo below for about $6.)  Of course, you could always try truly natural colours like beetroot, lemon, chamomile, kale, and tumeric too. Why not experiment?

how to make your own piping bag homemade piping bags for icing


When your mixtures are ready, spoon one tablespoon of coloured mixture into a clean ziplock sandwich bag, the smallest you can find.  Use your fingers to push the mixture towards one bottom corner.  When you and the children are ready to begin piping your icing mixture onto a cake or biscuit, use a pair of scissors to cut off a tiny tiny tiny snippet of plastic from one corner.  The smaller the hole, the better. Small enables the person who is icing the cakes or biscuits to better guide the ‘nozzle’ and create shapes and patterns.


piping icing how to make your own piping bag


Give your children the go-ahead and watch them create!


natural colour extracts how to make your own piping bag


These are the natural extracts I used to make those glorious pastel colours in the first photo. Pastels just delight me. I can’t help but think of fairies, and green meadows, and glorious afternoon light.  Makes me want to bake a batch of biscuits and decorate them with sweet icing for an afternoon treat with my son right now.


If you are inspired to make natural food colours yourself… Google it. There’s heaps of resources out there too.

Want to join me for a bit of afternoon tea yummy?

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