Cooking with children: Fruity Trifles

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Fruity trifles are a big hit around here.
The wonderful thing about them is that children make them up, and the very act of participating in the creation of this treat encourages them to eat a variety of fruit, some of which they may have never tried before or have claimed they don’t like.


You need a number of containers to begin.
Have an adult pre-cut a selection of fruits, one variety per container.
Why not try rockmelon (cantaloupe), pear, strawberry, banana, apple (skin removed), pineapple, kiwi fruit and mandarin slices?
You’ll also need:
  • a freshly baked homemade butter cake (or store-bought), cut into 1cm cubes and placed in a bowl
  • a bowl of freshly whipped cream
  • freshly baked custard (or pouring custard from the cold section in the supermarket)
  • a tin of passionfruit pulp or at least 5 fresh passionfruits
It is really easy to make your own custard.
Beat 60 grams of castor (superfine) sugar together with two eggs.
Add 500 ml milk, and 40gram of cornflour to the egg mixture and pour the lot into a saucepan.
Over gentle heat (mid point on your stove), stir the mixture until it thickens.
Remove from heat and transfer to serving bowl.
When you are ready, line up all the containers and bowls.
Children can follow one another along the line as they reach, scoop and select to fill up their trifle.
This is the order I used, mostly to ensure the moistness of the cake.
Here we go…
  • rockmelon
  • pear
  • strawberry
  • cake
  • passionfruit pulp/juice
  • custard
  • mandarin
  • banana
  • pineapple
  • kiwi fruit
  • whipped cream



Little L did not move until she was finished!!
She loved it!!!

2 Responses to “Cooking with children: Fruity Trifles”

  1. Pip

    all that yummy fruit!! i really fancy one of those noe. I think children should spend more time in the kitchen, like spending more time outside! It connects them with the earth. How many children sadly do not know the names of common fruits and veg these days :-(

    I have been blogging a lot recently about children in the kitchen!

  2. Amber Greene

    Yeah Pip! I was gobsmacked by that american study that showed NY kindergarten children unable to name any vegetable except for those frozen cubes of carrot. I’d love to grow more but I’m a bit hopeless… might be next years resolution.

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