61 Delicious Smoothie Add Ins – my favourite mix-it-ups in a printable just for you.

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smoothie add ins

Mix-it-up Smoothie Add Ins

A Month of Food Fun: Day Five

I love a good smoothie. I drink at least one every day, usually for morning tea, but if I’ve overdone it with the ingredients and have more than a glassful, I save that second cup for those 3pm hunger pains.

Smoothies are part of my everyday life, and I’d be lost without them. Especially when life is busy.

I’m often trying out new combinations of ingredients to find that ‘magic’ winner.  I don’t think you can really get it too wrong but on that note, AVOID putting more than a tiny sprinkle of desiccated coconut in your drink unless you want to choke on bits!  But I can’t always remember what I’ve trialled or what other potential smoothie add ins I might experiment with.

So, over the holidays I wrote a list. I LOVE lists. When all else fails, I can rely upon a trusty list. So this one I blu-tacked to the cupboard above my thermomix and smoothie supplies.

I’m actually amazed at how often I consult it. There are SO many potential ingredients out there, but I bet you, like me, can’t remember them when you need to. This list keeps me inspired.

I thought you might like a copy too…. if you do, just click on the link below and print it out.


Download the FREE printable list here.


And if you have any other ideas to add, do let me know and I’ll update this list to feature your fun and healthy suggestions… 



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