Make an felt treasure bag catch-all for seasonal adventures: a how-to tutorial for the first day of Autumn

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Happy first day of Autumn! (And happy first day of Spring to all my northern hemisphere readers too!)  Today, I’d love to share with you a little project I’ve created for Ned, an autumn-inspired felt treasure bag to take on seasonal walks.  Ned and I love our walks (they have been a little rare of late) and finding nature-inspired treasures, and my pockets are always full when we return. Making him his very own carry-all has been on my goal list for a while and inspired by the upcoming change of season, I made one for him this week. We’re all set and ready for our first nature walk of the season, once this rain finally disappears.

I have to tell you I am so happy Autumn is finally here.  Although I LOVE summertime, and the heat, and the opportunity to while away hours submerged in our local river and eating freshly caught fish marinated in lime juice (oh, decadent), this summer has been the hottest one in years and being pregnant, and almost 40, I’ve been suffering a little.  (Oh my, I just gave my age away in public!) Restless legs have been causing me grief and it is only with the drop in temperature and humidity that this condition has finally gone away.  Thank goodness.

So walking is back on the agenda. With autumn treasure bag carry-all in tow, we are sure to find some treasure at the end of the rainbow!  If you’d like to join us, you can make one too!

Autumn-inspired felt treasure bag catch-all.

felt treasure bag template 1

To make your own felt treasure bag catch-all, you’ll need to fold a piece of autumn-hued felt in half and from the fold, cut a rectangle 11cm wide by 14cm tall.  Round off the top of the felt as shown.  Remove a small portion of the felt on the front face so you are left with a straight line along the top of the front.

felt treasure bag template 2

On this straight line, cut an autumn-inspired shaped border. I used bouncy curves. felt handmade treasure bag3

Cut out some autumn-inspired shapes and embellishments such as leaves, bonfire flames, acorns, seedpods or raindrops (or spring flowers or motifs, if you are in the northern hemisphere).  You might like this template for some common autumn shapes. Just download it for suggestions and print it off (reduce the file on your printer to size. I chose 40% and this was just perfect.), or draw your own.

felt handmade treasure bag4

Attach these shapes to the front side of the felt only using tiny straight stitches (or stem stitch) in a matching coloured thread. Add any other embellishments you like- buttons, beads, bullion knots….

felt handmade treasure bag5

Pin the sides together when you are done.  Starting at the bottom left hand corner, run a line of straight stitches (about 0.5cm apart) from the corner tip, up the left side, around the top and down to the right-hand corner.  Knot off the final stitch, poke your needle back through the felt in an inconspicuous place and back out again.  Cut your thread here so the excess thread hides inside the felt bag.

felt handmade treasure bag6

Make a wool twistie for the handle using three 1.2 metre lengths of wool in autumn (or spring) colours.

felt handmade treasure bag 7

Turn over the tip of your felt bag and cut two triangular holes (they’ll be diamond shaped when you unfold the felt).  Thread your completed wool twistie through one hole from the back, and out the other.

felt handmade treasure bag 9

Your autumn-inspired treasure bag carry-all is now ready for adventures to begin.  Either tie it on around your child’s waist as a kind of ‘tool’ belt, or…

ned with autumn treasure bag

make it into a necklace!

And let the walking fun begin…

Please pop back and show us the treasures you find!  Ned and I would love to see what our friends are up to in their locality.


Happy Autumn, (or Spring!), my friends.  Enjoy the coming season.

PS:  Download a printable version of this Autumn-inspired Felt Treasure Bag Catch-all.

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