Little Chips Handcrafts and the Q’ewar handmade doll project

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A few weeks ago, I met Annie from Little Chips Handcrafts.
Annie’s display featured the most lovely dolls with delicate knitted clothes and I was intrigued to know a little bit about where they had come from.  Annie shared her story with me, and I like it so much I want to share it with you too!


Little Chips Handcrafts sells items aimed at sparking children’s lovely imaginations through storytelling, fairytales and play. Natural handmade Peruvian finger puppets, wooden crafts made by my very special Dad, lots of felt items, wool, lots of wonderful books plus Waldorf Steiner Dolls.
My overseas suppliers practice FAIR TRADE. One of my main items is the Waldorf Doll. I support a few overseas doll making projects. My main project is the Q’ewar project. I am now an Australian distributor for the dolls.


When you buy a doll from my store you are giving your support to the Q’ewar project. This is a social and economic initiative working with the indigenous women living in the Quechua Community of Q’ewar in Southern Peru. The women of the Q’ewar Project live in extreme poverty and for most this is the first chance they have had to learn skills to earn money in a humane and respectful working environment. Although the Project is young, the original intention to provide the opportunity to these women to improve the difficult conditions of their lives is bearing fruit little by little. Along with providing necessary daily needs to these women and their families the project has developed and runs a Waldorf Steiner kindergarten for the children of the women who work on the project.



About the Dolls
The dolls are all made from natural fibres from the interior stuffed with pure sheeps wool to the dolls hair made from alpaca yarn. The women of the Q’ewar project wash, card and spin the wool used for hair, sweaters and shoes, sewing and knitting all the distinctive clothing. Hand dyed fibres colour the hats and ponchos. Much of the dye used is made from indigenous plants. The doll’s clothing reflects a wide variety of styles worn by the rural dwellers. You can view a documentary about the project.
Doll Workshop Cusco


To buy a doll or any other item from Little Chips Handcrafts please contact Annie Angle (Australian distributor for the Q’ewar dolls) on 03 93916593 or

You can view some of her supply at  Little Chips Handcrafts on Ebay




Annie also has a new online store coming soon and I’ll give you details as soon as they come!

5 Responses to “Little Chips Handcrafts and the Q’ewar handmade doll project”

  1. Indigo Inspirations

    Wow they are lovely…and what a great thing to do – support fair trade workers. I am off to email Annie now as my shop can always do with some new dolls.
    Thanks Amber xoxo Jo

  2. Nina

    wow they are beautiful. I especially find the one with the baby in the sling (that 3rd from the bottom, I think) is so charming.

  3. Amber Greene

    Excellent Jo. What a great idea. Nina, I love this one too! I know how time consuming they are to make, so when I see a doll handmade with love and care AND that is helping these women to have real, worthwhile, independent lives, I am even more touched.

  4. Tash

    LOVE Annie!!! I bought some materials for a workshop and they were just stunning!

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