Sponsored Giveaway: Make your own Rainbow Horse Kit from Indigo Inspirations

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Sponsor Giveaway



The lovely Jo, from Indigo Inspirations , is excited to offer MamaMoontime readers a wonderful giveaway.  Thank you, Jo.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering.
The lucky winner will receive an all-inclusive kit to make their very own rainbow horse.
(Actually, Jo kindly suggested that the winner might like to choose their own colour- either rainbow, or pink, brown or white as pictured above.  Ooohhh, a choice! Even more fun!)

All kits are made with hand painted wool felt and hand painted wool, have wool fleece for stuffing and and have detailed instructions.
Jo has an  Indigo Inspirations Etsy Shop too, filled with lovely things.
Hand dyed wool, silk and wool felt in the most edible of colours, wood and wire figures, craft kits perfect for birthday presents, scarfs, toys, books and the cutest toadstool knitting nancy too!
Why not stop by and say hi?
Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell your crafty friends too!


84 Responses to “Sponsored Giveaway: Make your own Rainbow Horse Kit from Indigo Inspirations”

  1. Shannon

    Oooooo yes please..fancy me being first in, does that make me best dressed?

  2. Lavendilly House

    You look lovely Shannon, but I’m here too! Amber you won’t believe it but I haven’t made a rainbow horse yet ;) jen xx

  3. Jane (and Lou)

    Oh I love their etsy shop and I LOOOOVE these horses soooo much, been wanting to get a kit for ages! I think I will regardless! Great give away Amber (and Jo!) Jane:)

  4. Clara

    I’d love a rainbow horse for my children…. We live in Tasmania, the isle of rainbows, and wish on them for my sister’s beautiful daughter, who has been very sick, every time we see them…. Thank you!

  5. ohangelina

    how beautiful. i am your newest follower! thanks for your help with the knitting spool!

  6. Elisabeth

    Beautiful! DS has his birthday in June so this would be perfect :-) ! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. sarza

    Oh Amber I love them, and very intrigued as to how its made. Would love to be the winner, in need of some crafty time!

  8. Jo

    How uncanny, was just working out which kit to purchase from Indigo Inspirations last week. I was figuring I’d have to get one of each as it was hard to choose!

  9. Philippa S

    Um yes please :-) I would love to be included in the draw – I have one very horse obsessed near 2 yr old :-) and thank you so much Amber and Jo for your generosity – how wonderful… Philippa

  10. Sharni

    Yay! Please put my name in the draw!

    Thanks for the lovely opportunity :) x

  11. W-S Wanderings

    Oh, a rainbow horse! It’s gorgeous. And the rainbow horse would have equine company here. Our knitted Rainbow Griffen would warmly welcome a felt rainbow horse!

  12. Anonymous

    What a great way to introduce us to a fabulous treasure trove that is Indigo Inspirations! I can’t wait to order some rainbow wool, spotty knitting needles and the mushroom knitter! I like the horse kit too and wouldn’t say no. Thanks Amber and Jo. Kitty

  13. Deb

    “Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue… I’d like to sew a rainbow…sew a rainbow…sew a rainbow horse!!!”

  14. Loui

    Star Light Star Bright, first star I see tonight, I wish i may I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight….. I know you’re not meant to tell the wish, but this should be the exception… i wish I could win a rainbow horse kit for my little treasure!

  15. Katrina

    Cute! I’d love to make one of these.

  16. Frenchy

    Hi I have wanted to start getting crafty and make my own birthday present to my kids and kids friends this would b perfect! Beautiful horses!

  17. suzana

    I love all the items in the colors of the rainbow! beautiful horses!

  18. JJ

    Those are beautiful – my five year old would be beside herself if she could make one of these.

  19. Bonnie

    Another rainbow/horse lover here! I would make this for my daighter,Aniwaniwa (Rainbow).Thanks for the chance!

  20. Calinda

    Hey Amber,
    Lotus is just about to turn two and her most favourite animal in the world is horses, except she calls them “Horhis!” and runs around the house making giddy-up noises! So cute, she would LOVE this for her birthday! Cheers xxx

  21. Hannah

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter! DD2 has a lovely and well worn Rainbow Horse she found at a garage sale – I would love the chance to make a matching friend for DD1!

  22. Anonymous

    Oh the adventures that could be had, and the places we could go with a magic striding mare.
    Felicity stj

  23. Sandi

    Who wouldn’t want such a beautiful rainbow horse. fantastic giveaway.

  24. Emma

    love the rainbow horse! I would love to win! (I’ll share with you Cath) :)

  25. Tanja

    What a lovely giveaway! I’d love to be included for a chance to win a kit. :)

  26. Rachel

    Why on earth would anyone want any color besides rainbow?! It’s my favorite color of all! ;D

  27. Anonymous

    so many of us would love a rainbow horse…can’t we ALL have one…pretty please ?

  28. The Awakened Heart

    Oh I love these! I was just looking at them in a local steiner shop. I’ll keep everything crossed for this giveaway!

  29. cinderellastories

    I love the rainbow horse and I love the white horse. and the pink one too. Oh they are all just so cute. ok – the brown one too :)

  30. Woman dreaming

    I have been meaning to make one for my horsey girl, Lucinda for a long time. Actually she would probably love making it herself. Great giveaway Amber. xx

  31. Kate Reilly

    What a lovely offer. Thanks for the link to the etsy shop – am going to check it out right now!

  32. Coreki

    Amazing my daughter just turned one and was given a horse as a gift by a friend and absolutely loves it – and now here you are having a giveaway for a horse too… Wouldn’t it be great for it to have a mate!

  33. Liz

    This horse looks just gorgeous – I would love to win a kit. Thanks for the opportunity Amber!

  34. Kyzerrr

    Wow, how beautiful! What a great give away, very generous! Love your blog, Amber, very enlightening and inspiring- looking forward to reading your book when its done :)

  35. Ainslie Beattie

    Just stumbled onto your blog and love it! Would love to try this rainbow horse as one daughter is mad on horses and the other on rainbows, so it a win for both!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. Donna

    What a wonderful and magical giveaway! I love all the horses … as a little girl I was always on the look out to spot a white horse (because you know they have magical powers) so I think I Love the white horse the most :)

  37. shellyg78

    Just what our playroom needs a beautiful rainbow horse to shine bright with the grey winter sky’s to come!

  38. Julia Janzen

    I’d love to win but I might need a little guidance on the kit. I’m craft challenged. LoL ;) But I would love to give it a try!

  39. Anonymous

    Thanks Amber and Jo! Gorgeous horses!

  40. Castlequeen

    They are beautifully made and I would love the chance to make one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. Susie (September)

    Oh i would love this!! My daughter is rainbow and pony crazy – perfect for her, and it was her birthday yesterday :-)

  42. mylittleroses

    What a beautiful givaway my daughters friend has two of these and she would just love one for her birthday! Would love to be in this one! We have just been shopping at indigo inspirations, what a treat for winter Yay!

  43. Amelia

    These little horses are just adorable! My daughter would go nuts for them! (and I’d be pretty chuffed too!)

  44. Ellena Shambler

    Rainbow horse! how beautiful <3

  45. Kyla Levi

    Horses are my favourite animal, I just adore them! And now my daughters love them too. Each time we pass a horse while out and about we always comment! ‘Look at that beauty, ohh how lovely! That one has it’s blanket on!’ etc. What a great giveaway! Thank you Amber & Jo!

  46. Louisa

    Oh, have just found your blog via Indigo Inspirations. It’s fantastic! Look forward to reading further. :)

  47. Kaz

    Lovely, the 1st is the beginning of winter and my 8th wedding aniversary. Winter is my season! Blessings Kaz

  48. Kris

    Thanks for the giveaway and your blog post on gun play. It came at the right time after my son’s fourth birthday where he was given a gun that fires foam darts.

  49. Bel

    Oooh, Lily and I would love to make this together. Thanks Jo and Amber!

  50. stacy

    Hi Lovely site…. would love to make a rainbow horse – so cute!! Found your words about sugar interesting………. will read on thanks stacy

  51. Anonymous

    my baby girl would love a lil horse like these and i would love the chalenge of creating it for her !cheers sonia

  52. Xan

    Oooh goodness…. a whole lot of goodness. This is my 1st time visiting and I found my way here through Jo’s Indigo Inspirations link in her monthly mailout. I would love to make my little boy one of these – a friend gave my daughter one she had knitted and it was gorgeous – I can just imagine the 2 of them playing horses together. We would all love it :-) Thanks so much for the opportunity. Love Xan xx

  53. cfhell

    with the lure of a horse to make, I find a new site to covet!
    No need to have sugar in your diet, your site is sweet enough!

  54. Soria Moria

    I would love, if one of your horses could come and live with me and my children here in Norway!
    Soria xx

  55. Ronnie

    What a generous giveaway. I have my hand up for sure. The rainbow horse is very sweet

  56. Kirsten

    Oh, how adorable! I have a horse obsessed little girl who would be over the moon with any of these.

    Kirsten xx

  57. jagio

    I have been lusting after these horsies for ages. Anything rainbow is inspirational to me :-) I would like to make one and show her off in my shop so i can inspire otheres to make more…then there will be a herd !

  58. Kylie, Marli and Meka

    What a magical treat it would be to recieve a gift for my girl and me. A little rainbow wish x

  59. Carolina

    Your ideas and creativity inspire me!! Thank you for putting so much effort and love in all you do!! I ran a Steiner Family Day Care in Sydney and would love to add a rainbow horse with our animals!! Carol

  60. cat and the voice

    love the rainbow horse, how brilliant! I’ve just discovered your blog in the hunt for interesting projects, what a wonderful and inspiring place it is :)

  61. Laura

    These look amazing! I would very much like to win the kit! Please, please, please! I have been wanting to get more crafty and I think these would be the perfect starting place to release my inner creative being.

  62. kristy

    This would be a beautiful addition to our household. It is just gorgeous! Fingers crossed.

  63. messyfish

    This is exactly what I want to make my little one. He would love it. Thanks for posting the comp!

  64. Lesley

    I love Jo’s work, just gorgeous, and love the blog. My little one would love a horsey :D

  65. Sharon

    Awesome site and beautiful crafts and ideas. The ponies are magical. Thanks

  66. shakes

    A rainbow horse! How lovely. My granddaughters would adore making it with me. Thank you for then chance to win. Suzy B in Melbourne

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