How To Make A Doll In A Matchbox Party Favour

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Doll In A Matchbox Party Favour

Doll in a Matchbox Party Favour


No. 16 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series:

Jack & the Beanstalk


Have you ever seen a doll in a matchbox party favour, birthday treasure, or toy? These sweet but super simple dolls come in all shapes and sizes. I have quite a few I’ve collected from Waldorf fairs, fetes and conferences over the years, filled with all kinds of delightful creatures, as well as a few examples of my own that I’ve made for birthday celebration gifts for the children in my class. I know from experience that children LOVE these tiny dolls. There is something special about a ‘wee’ friend, something that only children seem to know and remember.

I wanted to make a new one for this 30 Days of Dolls series, and, inspired by my little Jack, I thought a ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’ seedpod doll inside a magic seed-carrying box would be just right.  I can just imagine the milking cow and magic seed exchange, and Jack’s excited face to see such a thing. Can’t you?

How to make a Doll in a Matchbox Party Favour:

Photos left to right, top to bottom.

doll in a matchbox party favour

1. Cover an empty matchbox with a rectangle of felt that will wrap the entire box. Place the seam of the join in the centre of the underneath side. Use glue to secure felt to cardboard. Sew up the seam with blanket stitch using a matching fine cotton thread.

2. Cut two more pieces of felt, one for the front face, the other for the back. Glue these on with PVA craft glue. Set aside to dry.

3. Cut out two oval shapes like so for the body. Find a bead for the head.

4. Twist the end of a piece of fleece and push it into the centre of the bead. I used a skewer stick to help with this step.

doll in a matchbox party favour2

5. Tie a few knots in the fleece below the wooden bead to make the seed baby’s body a little more juicy.

6. Place the oval shapes around the fleece body, with the straight edge directly under the bead. Run a straight stitch from one end of the straight edge to the other, and around along the back side as well.

7. Holding onto the two ends of thread, pull the thread in tightly to gather the felt around the seedpod baby’s neck. Tie a knot in the threads to secure.

8. Blanket stitch around the oval shapes to close the seedpod body.

doll in a matchbox party favour3

9. Your seedpod baby will look like this.

10. To make his seedpod hat, cut a strip of brown felt about 6 cm long and 1 cm wide. Sew a very tiny row of straight stitches along one length, close to the edge as you can.

11. Gather these stitches in by pulling on the thread ends.

12. When your hat looks like this, tie a knot in the threads, then blanket stitch down the seam to hold it together.

13. Place a dob of PVA craft glue on the head, then place the hat on the head of the seedpod doll.

doll in a matchbox party favour4

14. Use STAEDTLER fine-line markers to draw the eyes, the mouth, and the hair fringe in place.

15. Line the matchbox with a piece of felt for a mattress, and pop a little rolled up piece of fabric into the box for a pillow. Lay your little seedpod baby inside.

16. Decorate the outside of the box with your choice of story ideas. This is my beanstalk and magic seeds for Jack.

Oh, how I’d love my own beanstalk and golden-egg-laying goose. Wouldn’t that be just wonderful? To never have to worry about where your next mortgage payment will come from, now that would be something!



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