Felt doll bed for wee dolls: Handmade toy

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Felt doll bed for wee dolls- a handmade toy


doll bed


Sometimes, the little dolls in my son’s treehouse are so tired after a big day of play. All they want to do is go to sleep.  Their wooden beds are a little lacking in softness and comfort and are not at all good for a good night’s rest so it was time to make them a new one.  The pattern comes from my friend Sharni who kindly made a bed like this for Ned’s birthday celebration wee doll. With autumn knocking at our door, and with all this rain and cold days, a harvest themed bedspread was the piece de resistance, a perfect fit for my little handmade bed duet.



You can make one too.  You’ll need to cut 3 pairs of felt.  For the bed itself, cut two pieces of felt 9 cm by 12 cm.  For the bedspread doona cover, cut two pieces 11 cm by 10cm.  For the pillow, cut two pieces 6 cm by 3 cm.



Blanket stitch the two bed pieces together.  Fill the bed with stuffing before you sew it up completely.



Repeat this step, sewing up the pillow in the same manner.



Use a few tacking stitches to fix the pillow to the bed.




For the design, I cut out a thick tree trunk from a piece of brown felt.  Whatever your design, use straight stitch and a matching colour thread to sew the design to the front piece of the blanket felt.



I cut out leaf shapes in four different shades of green and sewed them onto the tree trunk.  I added five red circles for apples and stitched a little stalk onto each one.



When your design is complete on the front face of the blanket felt, add the backing piece.  Stitch the two blanket pieces to the bed using blanket stitch along one side only.



When you reach the corner, lift the felt blanket off the bed and continue blanket stitching around the other three edges. Work your way back to the beginning.





Oh, doesn’t he look cosy?  If you want to make similar dolls for your own doll house or birthday celebration, here is my pattern for Wire Dolls, just for you!

8 Responses to “Felt doll bed for wee dolls: Handmade toy”

  1. Fairyluver

    this came out so cute…I might be making some of these for a valentines day surprise:)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Kestrel

    Oh me oh my, it’s raining this afternoon and I have slightly bored children who need something to get their hands into. This looks perfect! Thank you. Our treehouse dollies will be getting cold as autumn slowly arrives.

  3. Sharningu

    Wow, that looks great! I always wanted to put designs on the blankets, but could never think of anything easy enough. You can sew the blanket on at the same time as you stitch the right side. That way you only need to stitch once.

    I have seen some really cute leaf shaped ones as well. Your imagination is the limit!

  4. Amber Greene

    I love the designing part It’s the most fun. Good tip for the right hand side. Saves doubling up Sharni. Ta. Renee, Amelia could do this herself.

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