Handmade Decorations For Kids Bedrooms: “Bits and Bobs” King Doll

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Handmade Decorations For Kids Bedrooms:

Handmade decorations for kids bedrooms:

No. 15 in the 30 Days of Dolls Series:

Bits and Bobs King Doll


I use wool felt in lots of craft. I love it. But it’s not cheap and I don’t want the the leftovers from a project or after cutting out a template to go to waste.

When I worked at Silkwood Kindergarten in the early days, we didn’t have a lot of money for resources (or anything much) and we often had to come up with simple ideas to make the most of what we had. One thing we made to add colour to the room was a very simple mobile made by threading felt scraps cut into tiny squares onto three strings of cotton, then tying these to a piece of driftwood. For this craft, I’ve repurposed that recycling idea into a doll by shaping it differently and adding a crown.

How to make a Bits and Bobs King Doll:

Photo order: Left to right, top to bottom.

 Handmade Decorations For Kids Bedrooms:

1. For this doll, you’ll need some wooden beads. Two small ones for hands, two medium ones for feet, and one larger one for the head.

2. And lots of felt scraps, cut into small squares. Perfectly imperfect squares are just what we are after. Scrap rescue!

3. To begin, cut two 30 cm lengths of orange embroidery thread. Thread a needle onto each thread. Tie a medium sized bead onto the end of each piece like so.

4. Then thread felt scrap squares onto one thread to make a ‘leg’ of about 5cm long.

Handmade Decorations For Kids Bedrooms2

5. Repeat on the other leg.

6. Cut six or so rectangle shapes (4 cm by 1.5 cm approx) from felt scraps for the tummy part of the body.

7. Thread both cottons through these pieces, about 1/2 cm from each end, so that the legs hang equally below the body.

8. Tie off each string by sewing it back through the top piece and knotting it on the side of the felt as above, so that you are ready to make the arm.

Handmade Decorations For Kids Bedrooms3

9. Thread through another bunch of felt scrap squares (about 3 cm in length) to make an arm. Thread on a small bead for a hand. Thread the cotton back through the felt squares and tie off the cotton at the starting point.

10. Repeat on other side.

11. Cut another pile of rectangles for the ‘chest’, this time graduating the felt in size to become smaller for the ‘neck’ area.

12. Thread both ‘arm’ threads up through this new pile, leaving equal distance on either side of the felt so  the body does not become unbalanced. Take both threads through the large ‘head’ bead.

Handmade Decorations For Kids Bedrooms4

13.  Return both threads back through entire felt body pile, then back again out the top of the bead to strengthen the doll throughout the centre.

14. Wrap just one thread back through the head bead only and tie off both threads in a knot at the top of the head. Cut one thread free.

15. Add a dollop of craft glue to the top of the head.

16. Push the remaining thread through a piece of wool fleece fluffed out to make the hair. Shape the hair in place and let it dry on the glue.

Handmade Decorations For Kids Bedrooms5

17. Cut a crown shape from felt scraps.  Sew it in place on top of the head bead.

18. Embellish the crown with a sequin or star sewn on.

19. Hang your Bits and Bobs King Doll in a sunny spot in your child’s room for a bit of colourful decorating fun.
My king is rainbow coloured because I do love a rainbow but I think this doll might look nice in pastels, or as a dip-dye look with varying shades of one colour like blue or green. But you might have a different idea altogether.

What colours would you use?



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