How to make a sunflower wee peg doll

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The first step in making a sunflower doll is to paint a hairstyle.
I like flicks and cute curls, and swirls that tickle the doll’s cheeks.
I use Montemarte acrylic paints.
These cost about $12 for a set of small pots in 12 rainbow colours,
but any fair to good quality, acrylic paints will do.
The wee doll forms are from Casey’s Wood , located in Maine, America.
They are cheap, and quick to arrive in Australia.
This shape is the ‘boy peg’.
This shape (painted green for a wattle doll) is the girl peg.
Here they are, with happy faces.
The most important thing is to use really good quality, fine brushes.
These allow you to paint the finer details, such as a neat line around the neck, or eyes, or mouths, without smudging.  Be really careful how you handle them as I have found it really difficult to remove any stray marks without leaving a mark.
The Sunflower friends need a frilly coat.
Cut this shape from a 10cm length of wool felt in bright yellow.
The petals should be 2 – 2.5cm in width at the widest point.
Run a gather stitch along the straight edge, being sure to leave about one inch of cotton at the start to use when pulling in the gather. Start and finish your stitch right on the edge of the felt for a neat finish.
Pull in the gather as shown, then tie it around the neck of your sunflower friends.
When I make a knot, I always loop the thread around twice instead of once.
This helps the knot to hold to pinch in place whilst I finish tying off the knot, without it slipping.
Then, plait a 7 cm thin strip of yellow wool sliver.
Measure this plait around the peg doll head and tie to fit.
Then cut a second length of petal, this time with a petal width of only 1.5cm.
This needs to be as long as the circumference of the wool plait circle.
Use a whip stitch to attach the crown sunflower petals to the wool plait.
Spread a little glue onto the wool plait and stick it to the head.
(The completed crown attached to the wool makes it easy for this
to stay put on the head when it is glued)
You might like to paint some sunflower seeds too.
This little man also has a mate.
She is no longer camera shy!
A sweet sunflower, just waiting to be picked!

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